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Russia creates Central Intellegence Universe Agency GIDS to improve the world.

General Informational Defends Service (Logotype)

General Informational Defends Service, Anatoliy Golod, General Director, Creator.

General Informational Defends Service, Anatoliy Golod, General Director, Creator.

The world need worldwide support service. Russia creates General Informational Defends Service (GIDS, CIUA) to make good relations in the world.

Everybody should know that to make good situations in society there must be the real purpose, real reason for politicians, businessmen, for all people.
— Anatoliy Golod, General Informational Defends Service
MOSCOW, MOSCOW, RUSSIA, April 19, 2016 / -- First sensational results: Russia knows CIA schemes. Do you know that real reason why Edward Snowden had come to Russia was that CIA gave him the information and they also sponsored popularization the Edward Snowden`s story in the mass media. What for? They use a methodology that the situations in objects depend on their activity, but also the situations depend on the information about objects in informational channels. Every channel has different prestige. And CIA wants to demonstrate that it knows much about many people when they make information that they perform many people a telephone-tapping in many countries. And they want to write any information in special program systems about many different levels people. The American CIA planned in advance a usage of such methodology to change health, decisions and situations for different people, top-level politicians, journalists in the USA and all countries too (that's why Angela Merkel and other politicians make sanctions even if they are talking about the necessary to make good relations with the Russian Federation; they changed plans because CIA made special programmable commands as an addition to their negotiations). You have to know that if the organization in any country makes a scheme for the bad result, then it will get less their prestige, because all people know that bad schemes must not (impossible) to do.

The good prestige can have good informational, social and economic activities for good results in society, that's why the Russian well-oriented companies, security services and their well-oriented partners in all countries who want to make good situations in the world can take the good prestige.

To make good relations and good situations in society in the world, the GENERAL INFORMATIONAL DEFENDS SERVICE was created in Russia. It accumulates informational resources from the all world security services who want to make good situations in the world. That's why it also names in mass media: the Central Intelligence Universe Agency (CIUA, "See I You Are": "I can see, You can see"; it is necessary to see each other, good communicate with each other to make good situations and good relations in society).

The General Informational Defends Service was created to make good relations and good situations in society worldwide. Anatoliy Golod (the Creator, the General Manager), the age is 35, has a diploma with honors and a Ph.D. (Philosophy Doctor) title, included in the Russian intellectual resources list. The presentations were given at scientific conferences (including in the areas: a balance, development in the economy, creating the good ecology, good marketing, good healthy lifestyles). The General Informational Defends Service was created to make good relations and good situations in society worldwide. You can call anytime to the General Informational Defends Service, you can call to Anatoliy Golod. It will be very good for the society in all countries if we discuss the possibility to create the good social, ecological, economic and healthcare situations in society. It can really create the good situations in society. Our phone numbers: +7(495)7604918; +7(985)7604918; +7(965)3188546; +7(903)1621034. Web site: (kind communications; "dobro" is translated "good, kind" from Russian language).

Do you know that the IBM company was removed from the mass market by problem structures? They used the position placement on usual (including top-level) marketing positions to lobby bad decisions for IBM and there is information that a certain percentage of such staff in didderent companies receives instructions online like "a dream" from the structures who know specifics of their partners (but the same methodic structures, which make problems in economic activity, use for many companies of every size, that's how problem structures calculate an appearance of big changes in economy; and there is one more popular methodology: they pay to technical specialists of mobile operators or other communication operators for blocking some advertising calls for both the big and different companies and it changes the economic activity; sometimes problem structures make computers with the same numbers, that's why it is necessary to draw attention to optimizing the communications: mobile and other communication operators should draw more attention to making all calls which go to phone numbers will come to right numbers). But why did problem structures decide to remove IBM from the mass market? All people know that it is possible to make both: a good behavior or another one. And IBM was a problem for problem structures. Why? The initials "IBM" sounds Iike "I be, I am" and it says twice "I exist, I live". The obvious good meaning was very strong and made good attitudes for many people. The Apple is a good trademark too, but it is necessary to optimize informational well-oriented work for making good social politics together. You can read how problem structures want to use the Apple Company. Also you can read how is possible to make good results for optimizing good situations in all countries (please read it and many interesting and valuable news in the file: as well as in the following file: (you can ask your friend to translate the text). (*"dobro" is translated "good, kind" from the Russian language).
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All people, companies, the security services and their internal affairs should help to make good situations: to help casual, ordinary people to improve; to make good collaboration and good relations for well-oriented results; to make good communications; to remove from the work processes the purposely problem sources, or to redirect them to implementing well-oriented job. If journalists, politicians or other people want to know how it is possible to use all possibilities for making good situations and relations in the world, it will be very good to call to the General Informational Defends Service, created in Russia for making good relations in the world. The central mass media can help to make good information for all concerned and then we can make an effective good situation in world's life quality with many different people to make good relations with all countries.

Anatoliy Golod
General Informational Defends Service
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