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Get Back on Track for New Year's Weight Loss With Weight Loss Solution at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville

/EIN News/ -- YORKVILLE, Ill., Feb. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doctor’s Weight Loss Solution is a new weight loss plan that is helping patients get back on track with their New Year’s weight loss goals, says Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville clinic director and chiropractor Dr. Brian D. Berkey. According to Dr. Berkey, the plan offers fast results with patients losing between 25 and 85 pounds in the first three months. The plan is completely tailored to each patient’s body type based on nutritional testing, blood analysis and hormone analysis. This clinical approach is able to deliver results when other diets fail to do so.

Dr. Berkey says the Doctor’s Weight Loss Solution is ideal for patients who made New Year’s weight loss goals but have struggled to stay on track with their plans.

“When people fail to hit weight loss goals, they end up frustrated and binge on food, undoing all their hard work,” said Dr. Berkey. “We overcome these problems by offering prepackaged food and supervised exercise therapy in a supportive environment.”

Ongoing support and total customization play key roles in each step of the Doctor’s Weight Loss Solution.

“The Doctor’s Weight Loss Solution is completely customized to a patient’s individual needs,” said Dr. Brian D. Berkey, DC, ACRB-Level 1, CGFI, CFCE. “This is not a one-size-fits-all weight loss plan. By tailoring to the plan to a patient’s unique health needs, we help patients overcome common weight loss obstacles that may have stopped them from dropping the pounds in the past.”

Patients who are interested in starting the Doctor’s Weight Loss Solution will first meet with Dr. Berkey and Dr. Farah Malik, M.D at Advanced Physical Medicine of Yorkville. The first step includes a blood and hormone analysis and a body analysis.

Next, patients will receive a custom dietary plan and prescription medication for weight loss during their clinical nutrition counseling sessions. Patients will attend regularly scheduled lifestyle modification classes and participate in medically supervised exercise therapy. To simplify meal preparation and take the hassle out of calorie counting, prepackaged foods are available.

“When patients try to lose weight on their own, they commonly complain about how challenging it can be to count calories or control portion sizes," said Dr. Farah Malik, M.D. “Even with the best of intentions, patients often end up frustrated with restrictive diets or unrealistic exercise plans. The Doctor’s Weight Loss Solution takes the frustration out of weight loss with realistic plans. Patients are healthier and happier with their fast results.”

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