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WorldFlix Unveils Exclusive State-of-the-Art Triple Encryption Child Safeguard Technology in a Stance Against Cyber Bullying

App Farm, a Division of WorldFlix, Inc. Concludes Development on Swantry; Bringing to Market the First Real Military Grade Family Internet Safety Solution

PALM SPRINGS, CA - (NewMediaWire) - February 02, 2016 - WorldFlix, Inc., (OTC PINKWRFX) through its wholly owned subsidiary, App Farm, in an effort to guard against the spectrum of internet exploits and vulnerabilities assailed at today's youth, announces the completion of the Company's highly anticipated triple encryption internet safety protection application, Swantry. Designed with the protection of Children in mind, the robust cutting-edge integrated software is fortified with the latest in encryption technology, guarding users with optimum up-to-date privacy and security. 

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Conceived by Management, based on a deeply rooted passion to protect their own children, this technology was created for the tough protection of young internet users nationwide. Cyber bullying can have a negative or even destructive emotional impact on victims. The effects beginning with hurt feelings to intense anger can ultimately manifest in significant depression and in the end can even result in suicide. According to a recent survey, 42% of children have been cyber bullied and 35% have been threatened online. Because peer approval is so important to kids, frequently the situation will continue to deteriorate without ever being reported, yielding in damaging consequences.

Designed by First Rate engineers out of Finland, the software delivers an exceptionally intuitive user interface, empowering both children and parents alike with a seamless and fully protected user friendly experience. "With the saturation of overly complicated and difficult products in this market, we take usability very seriously. We believe that to succeed in this market, ease of use is elemental to our success," stated Brad Listermann, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of WorldFlix, Inc.

He concluded: "At least equally as important is the level of security that we are able to provide. With the support of great and astute professionals that we work with internationally, we believe that we bring to the table a solution that cannot be compromised due to the complex nature of its proprietary triple encryption configuration. We are very pleased with Swantry's design, and believe that by its creation, we are raising the bar in the internet security sector." 

Recently announced, industry leading electronic toy maker Vtech was hacked, compromising the identities of in the range of 4.8 million adults, deriving the personal information of approximately 200,000 customers' children's names and personal data. This singular event left the sum of these victims and their children compromised and vulnerable, having names, encrypted passwords, email and physical addresses stolen. According to MSN Money Newson November 27, Vtech has the name, addresses, gender and birthdays of their customers' kids stored in the data base and they are linked to the parents' names.

Swantry is designed to operate on a foundation of trust and dialogue, children are enabled to discover and utilize digital services and smart devices responsibly, while incorporating revolutionary military-grade technology that provides a level of security unparalleled in the industry.

Swantry's Primary Features Include:

1. Safe socialization: Set a list of trusted contacts together with your child and you don't need to worry about who they chat with or who can contact them. Children's privacy is Swantry's top priority, so parents naturally can't see the messages between their children and their trusted friends.  2. Limit app usage: Set a variation of time limits for the respective apps, and block certain apps completely. You can also set different time profiles, which means there's no playing when it's time for homework or bedtime.  3. Internet filter: featuring a spectrum of powerful Parental Control filters for the Internet. Based on the age of your child, if required, web-browsing can be blocked completely.  4. Chats: This capability enables group chats with the potential to incorporate the whole family, with video capability of up to 4 people.  5. Geo-fencing: This indispensable feature enables the instant location of a missing device or child on a map, empowering parents to set boundaries for children where they can travel safely and how far they shouldn't go.  6. Curfew: This traditional and important condition meets simplified accountability, as both the parent and the child can exercise notification options when the appointed time approaches.  7. Integrated Design: Following installation, a device can be set on "Child mode" enabling children to utilize it freely. Swantry's safety nets deliver reassurance and peace of mind. 

Swantry is a development of App Farm, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded company, WORLDFLIX, INC. (OTC PINKWRFX). 

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