Innovative Lifestyle Brand Provides Consumers With A Solution To Inflexible Traditional Flashlights

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Move over clumsy old hand-held flashlights, make way for Light Buddy, the perfect reading light, emergency light, night light, automotive light and travel light

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, September 24, 2015 / -- Those frustrating moments of searching for a flashlight, night light, reading light or any other combination of lights are gone.

Australia-based premium home and lifestyle product designer, Invigorated Living, has debuted Light Buddy, the all-in-one LED light that eliminates the need for owning a dozen reading lights, flashlights, nightlights and automotive lights that never seem to be where they're supposed to be in the moment homeowners need them most. Invigorated Living's Dan Carlin said he's excited about the company's latest product.

"At Invigorated Living we strive to deliver useful and stylish products to our customers. Often our product ideas come from needs we identify in our own lives. A great example is Light Buddy," he said. "Around our home and on our travels we were always needing a flexible, hands-free light source but never found a good solution so we developed Light Buddy. Light Buddy is perfect as a reading light, barbecue grill light, emergency light, car repair light, and countless other applications."

Forget the cords, the hooks and the bulky bodies of the lights which consumers usually use to get their work done around the house. Light Buddy's flexible, steel-alloy arms allow users to effortlessly illuminate whatever they're doing with minimal frustration over tangled cords, cords that can't reach and inefficient hooks and other attachment pieces which always seem to get caught at precisely the wrong time.

Carlin said the uses for Light Buddy are virtually limitless.

Home mechanics can wrap their Light Buddy around their hood stand while they work on their cars, using the light's super-white illumination to remove those hard-to-see and often hard-to-reach bolts.
With summer here, barbecue bosses won't have to worry about the sun going down before dinner's done. Light Buddy's flexible body can be twisted around just about anything to provide plenty of light to know when that rib eye is perfectly grilled – not too pink and not too well-done.

Inside the home, Light Buddy is an excellent solution for a night light, Carlin said. The small lamp's low-beam and high-beam settings can provide little sleepers and big sleepers just the right amount of light for their slumber.

When not in use, users can wrap the Light Buddy around a well-known location like a coat rack hook or a door knob. When the power goes out or there's an emergency, the Buddy can be easily accessed as an emergency light.

The light also features two types of LED bulbs – wide angle and spotlight. The wide angle comes in handy when a broad beam is necessary, but when concentrated light is needed for a specific object or location the spotlight setting is perfect.

Carlin said he's proud of the Light Buddy's “solid technology,” “diverse functionality” and “supreme versatility.” The light also features impressive battery life, he said.

Both and are selling the Light Buddy. Carlin said the company is offering a discount for first-time purchasers. Follow the link below to purchase Light Buddy for over 65% off the retail price.

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