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Exciting Funding Campaign: Radio Show Host Predicts Republican Victory

Road to Ready Show

Visionary Joins with Indiegogo Crowd Funding to Restart Radio Show

"The Road to Ready was way ahead of the curve. I’ve already seen the election outcome for next year. Who will run in November? I wrote last year it would not be who anyone thought at the time.”
— Rick Tobin, Host of The Road to Ready
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2015 / -- Rick Tobin recently launched the crowd-source funding project to help return the beloved Road to Ready Internet radio show. The Road to Ready award-winning programming originally covered 52 weeks of unique outreach for readiness of all kinds, including needs of the public, business and government. The weekly shows eventually reached 10,000 listeners from 89 countries. In early 2014, Rick Tobin prepared three newly designed Road to Ready programs to test continuing public interest. The results were astounding. Over 8,000 emergency professionals have visited the Road to Ready restart pilot shows since last year, from 130 countries, without any marketing or advertising for the website.

He has set a deadline of October 30 for reaching his goal of just over $28,000, which he explained is far less than what most high-quality shows cost to produce each week. What if the public does not support the return? Tobin said that would probably be the end of the show since corporate and government funding was not forthcoming. The crowd source-funding site, featuring more details about the Road to Ready and contributions is:

When asked why the Road to Ready should be funded, and what made it unique beyond so many other pod casting sites now clogging the Internet, he said, “There was nothing like my show. The Road to Ready received a national award because I always was way ahead of the curve. For example, I’ve already seen the election outcome for next year. It’s going to be painfully close, with the Republicans squeaking into office. Who will run in the 2016 election? I’ve blogged about the election candidate surprises last fall…and predicted it would not likely be the people everyone else had predicted. That’s what the The Road to Ready was famous for—getting people critical information about everyday impacts, great and small, before they occurred so my listeners could develop adaptation strategies. I cannot walk on water, but I can tell you where the stepping stones are when your reach the swamp.”

Rather than leave us in suspense, he was pushed to give his predictions for the selections in the Presidential races. “I told people eight years ago that Hillary would never be President. Enough said there. She’ll drop out before next spring, but not for the reasons most people think. The Democratic Party will have Biden and his running mate, Senator Elizabeth Warren. That strong ticket will face the Republican Party Bush/Fiorina juggernaut. I tell you this; Putin is going to have a stroke when he sees that combination enter the White House. But we’ll need some exhaustively competent leadership the next three years because of increasing impacts from natural disasters. That’s why I delve into the political issues because they have direct effects on everyday safety and public protection. People working in bureaucracies can’t discuss this without fear of losing their jobs. I can.”

Rick continues his active work in emergency readiness. He recently had three new pioneering teacher guides published for improving classroom safety and emergency readiness in a continuum for K-6, middle school and high school. “These are the kinds of paradigm shifts I want to bring through the Road to Ready…new ideas and tools that are easy to use that make a real difference to make our teachers and school kids safer.” His guides are available to purchase from the “Safe to Learn Community,” found at

The Road to Ready is being maintained by Tobin at his own costs pending the successful outcome of the Indiegogo campaign. Rick also noted that he is continuing his creative writing and artistic support to the public, business and government through a new venture, “The Zone Arts” found at:

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