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CD Genomics Launched It’s New Sequencing Services

Recently, CD Genomics launched several new services of sequencing, including the newest CRIPSR Cas9 sequencing and the HLA sequencing.

SHIRLEY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2015 / -- Recently, CD Genomics launched several new services of sequencing, including the newest CRIPSR Cas9 sequencing service and the HLA sequencing service. The high- and low- throughput HLA sequencing service is provided for people who needs help on his HLA-immune diseases research, and it is the main services of CD Genomics.

Human leukocyte antigen, the gene encoding is the major histocompatibility complex of human, which is located in chromosome 6 (6 p21. 31) and closely related with the function of human immune system. Parts of the genetic code of its surface antigen of cells become everyone's specific features which can not be confused, and it is the basis of the immune system to distinguish itself from a foreign one. This becomes the theory of organ transplantation. At the same time, the researches about organ transplantation also promote the development of HLA Sequencing.

Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system is the most complex and polymorphic genetic system of human beings. Almost all kinds of autoimmune diseases have some connection with human leukocyte antigen system. The researches about the relationship between autoimmune diseases and human leukocyte antigen will provide an important theory basis for prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases. This needs accurate analysis of information.

As an influential company, CD Genomics provides it’s HLA Sequencing services with advanced technology and high quality service. The next generation sequencing used for it’s sequencing services has characteristics of accuracy, high throughput, and reliability. They worked hard to offer dependable services as usual, and will always do this in the future.

About CD Genomics HLA Sequencing Service
CD Genomics is a genomics service company providing service like sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping with advanced technology. The HLA Sequencing service is the main service for resolving allele-level differences in HLA genes with next-generation sequencing or Sanger sequencing technology. The service of CD Genomics is oriented to global researchers.
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