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Dietary Supplement News Says Osteobroth ' Good to the Bone;' Latest Bone Broth Creation Gets High Ratings for Taste and Powdered-Form Convenience

BOCA RATON, FL - (NewMediaWire) - July 27, 2015 - Only on the market a month and already Osteobroth ( has food critics cackling and crowing how good it is to the bone. 

Osteobroth is the latest bone broth creation that promotes healthy living and nutrition. Owner and founder of Osteobroth, David Crooch, cleverly married delicious taste and proven benefits and combined them in a convenient powdered form.

As mentioned in The Daily Meal ( ), Osteobroth possess qualities to relieve inflammation in the respiratory system and deemed bone broth the "paleo-friendly 'it' superfood of 2015." "There is a reason your grandmother said to eat chicken soup when you are sick," says David Crooch.

Three years in the making, David Crooch first conceptualized Osteobroth because he saw a trend linking bad eating habits to poor health. "I started with the idea of creating a Chicken based protein powder in May of 2011," said David. "2012 was spent moving through manufacturing ideas and different product iterations. I did my first formulations of both the broth and meat based powders in 2012." 

Osteobroth not only totes a long list of health benefits, Dietary Supplement News ( has just awarded Osteobroth with its highest rating. 

"Osteobroth has a great taste that not only makes healthy eating desirable, the convenience and added health benefits place it in a category in itself. In fact, were so impressed with the convenience, taste and shelf life of Osteobroth, we are awarding it with our highest rating on Dietary Supplement News; 5 stars."

Osteobroth is headquartered in Chicago, IL. and can be exclusively purchased at