Express Cleaning Supplies Warn Customers Of New Legislation

New worldwide legislation marks warnings from online cleaning product suppliers Express Cleaning Supplies.

AYLESFORD, KENT, UK, July 15, 2015 / -- Online cleaning and chemical suppliers Express Cleaning Supplies have warned their customers of new legislation which has been adopted within the EU which makes fundamental changes to the way the business can classify the chemical products that are supplied online. Express Cleaning Supplies say packaging legislation has also been put in place which is designed to promote the safe supply and use of chemical mixtures within the EU. Based in Aylesford, Kent, Express Cleaning Supplies say the new legislation is part of a worldwide integration onto the system known as the "Globally Harmonised System".

Express Cleaning Supplies say customers are not to be alarmed as there is zero change to the composition of any chemicals and only to the way they are labelled. Any changes which are made to the labelling reflect entirely upon the new regulations and not the safety of the products.

Key changes include new chemical warning symbols, with each warning symbol now representing a category of risk, Express Cleaning Supplies say. New signal words "Danger/warning'" are to be used on products which are classified as hazardous which is to raise the awareness to the risk level or type. Label "risk" and "safety phrases" have been reviewed and improved in total clarity, now being called hazard statements and precautionary statements.

Express Cleaning Supplies say another key change comes in the risk of hazard to a person's eyes and skin sensation. Regarding the threshold, to trigger hazard warning symbols, they have been lowered for chemicals that can cause adverse effects. More hazard warning symbols will be included with many products increasing hazard perception and end-users seeing corrosion symbols appearing on many products.

Finally, safety data sheets are now in line with the new legislation, with new risk assessments, which are now task based. Newly labelled products will start to be delivered from now on as Express Cleaning Supplies receive them from their suppliers.

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