Norwegian Producer Tone Innset Reveals a Few Secrets About the 15th Season of 'Unge Modre'

Producer Tone Innset shot by Mark Newton

The reality docuseries "Unge Modre" will return for its 15th season this fall with many new surprises in store!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 25, 2015 / -- Fans of the reality docuseries "Unge Modre," aka "The Young Mothers," Norway's version of MTV's "Teen Mom," can rest assured that the series will be returning to the screen for a 15th season this fall.

For those who aren't familiar with the series, "Unge Modre" follows 16 to 21 year-old girls from all over Norway as they explore the struggles and joys of becoming mothers at a young age; however, viewers will get a few surprises in the upcoming season, including a single father being added to the cast.

Tone Innset, the executive producer and showrunner behind "Unge Modre," says, "We will for the first time in UM history, follow a young single father and his daughter. We have had a dad on UM before, but he was married with three kids, so this is the first time a single dad will show us his everyday life."

Innset also confides that over the course of the season "Unge Modre" will follow a few new cast members on their second pregnancy; and we will also get the opportunity to meet a newly engaged couple who have a child with special needs. The show will also follow a few cast members on vacation, including one little family who travels to Paris to celebrate Easter the French way, as well as one mother who, along with her family, partake in vegan cooking classes in order to create healthier eating habits at home.

The series, which began airing in 2007 and is produced by Rakett AS, is the longest running documentary series in Norway. As the producer of "Unge Modre," Tone Innset has produced 118 episodes of the series, including the show's spinoffs "Unge Modre- Gifter Seg" ("Teen Mom's- Getting Married") and "Unge Modre- Litt Eldre" ("Teen Mom's- Slightly Older").

A flagship series of FEM from SBS Discovery, a Norwegian media group owned by the American TV network Discovery Communications, "Unge Modre" will continue to air on FEM this fall; and the series has been sold to other broadcasters internationally as well.

As the producer of the show "Unge Modre" and several other hit shows, for Innset, each project, in a way, becomes her own little baby in itself.

She says, "As a series producer/showrunner in reality TV you are the first person in on a project, and the last person out. You oversee and take a big part in all the phases and stages of a production…. So each TV series that you are the producer in charge of becomes your little baby in a way."

In addition to "Unge Modre," Innset also produced season eight of "Chaterferber" ("Charter Fever") and the second season of the highly popular competitive cooking show "Norges Grillmester" ("Norway's Grill Master"), which premiered in April.

Innset has had a hand in practically all of the creative aspects and day-to-day functioning of each production as the producer of these shows; and the ease with which she handles her seemingly endless list of responsibilities has definitely caught the attention of both her peers and those she works with. In fact, many attribute the success of these productions to her contributions, especially when it comes to the series "Norges Grillmester," which airs on TV2, Norway's largest commercial station.

"As the producer of the second season of 'Norges Grillmester,' Tone is solely responsible for the success of this primetime program," admits multi-award winning chef Jonas Lundgren, who received the Silver Medal at the 2009 Bocuse d'Or (World Championships for Chefs), and serves as one of the judges of the show.

"Upon meeting her, her passion for her work was immediately apparent… Her ability to cast personalities and characters that create great television programs have made her a great producer; but her charismatic personality and dedication to bringing the best stories possible to the screen is what I enjoyed about working with her most… I truly hope we have an opportunity to work together again."

In addition to tirelessly seeking out and casting the right characters for every one of her productions, Innset's ability to get up close and personal with her cast and coax out some of their most personal tales and hidden emotions is something that sets her apart as a producer for reality television. Furthermore, her understanding and appreciation of the imperative roles each member of her crew plays in bringing a production to fruition, and her flair for boosting team spirit, have been integral to delivering engaging programs.

"From the first day working with her I was struck by how Tone was in full control of the production while maintaining a very happy crew," explains "Norges Grillmester" host, Stig Henrik Hoff.

"I loved working with her, she was always very hands-on with every aspect of production. In fact, when our make-up artist had an accident on set and had to leave, Tone even stepped in and helped do the make-up retouches throughout the day… It's rare to find someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to make a production happen even if it means moving out of their comfort zone."

When the credits role, as viewers, often times we devote our attention to the cast of a production, but it is the people behind the scenes like Tone Innset, who actually take the ideas for these stories and turn them into a reality on screen.

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