Internationally Renowned Russian Cinematographer Egor Povolotskiy Has a Busy Road Ahead

Cinematographer Egor Povolotskiy shot by Sergei Bormatov

Award-winning cinematographer Egor Povolotskiy signs on to lend his creative genius to eight upcoming films in 2015!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 15, 2015 / -- Egor Povolotskiy, the cinematographer who led the film "We Are Enemies" to garner the Audience Award and the Festival Trophy at the Rochester International Film Festival last year, has been tapped to lend his creative genius to several upcoming films.

Povolotskiy says, "I have three more feature films this year. One is being directed by Hans Stjernsward… The next two projects are going to be with Alex Babaev, and with Cyril Zima. Unfortunately I can’t say anything more regarding these projects right now because of production restrictions."

After wrapping production on Alex Babaev's feature film "Goetia" earlier this year, the director solidified Povolotskiy to work as the cinematographer on his next film, which will be a psychological thriller/horror film. Although we cannot disclose any more information on the project at this time, audiences can be assured that with Povolotskiy behind the lens, Babaev's upcoming film will undoubtedly be riveting.

"Every time I was confused, or unsure about the shot, or didn't know if a camera movement was going to work for the story or not I honestly had no one to talk to except Egor," recalls Babaev about working with Povolotskiy on "Goetia." "It's hard to describe how much more confident I felt just because Egor was there."

Povolotskiy's upcoming project with Cyril Zima, whose film "Suka" won the Best Foreign Film Award last year at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, will be a sci-fi feature. Povolotskiy was also the cinematographer on Zima's sci-fi film "Ocean," which he says is full of twists and finished filming earlier this year.

About the film with Hans Stjernsward, Povolotskiy explains, "The movie is very stylized—think Woody Allen meets Ingmar Bergman. Hans is originally from Sweden and that is reflected in his film style—it is very artistic, visual, funny and serious all at the same time."

Additionally, Povolotskiy has also signed on to shoot five short films over the next three months. Those films are "Escape" by Ilya Rozhkov, "Camila" by Carla Roda, as well as three others with directors Fahad Alshareef, Yi Zhang and Nikita Belomestnykh.

Of these directors, Povolotskiy has extensive experience working with director Ilya Rozhkov. In fact, over the last two years, Povolotskiy has been the cinematographer on two out of four of Rozhkov's incredibly successful films. The two films that they have collaborated on most recently are "Sabre Dance" and "We Are Enemies," with each film displaying Povolotskiy's mastery over his craft in a different light.

"Sabre Dance," which received the Grand Prize at the USA Film Festival and an Honorable Mention at the Rochester International Film Festival earlier this year, brought to life the true story of famous USSR composer Aram Khachatourian, who, after giving a performance in Spain, was given an opportunity to meet the eccentric artist Salvador Dali. In its rendition of Aram's real life experience, the film exposes how artists can have completely different approaches and attitudes towards life, art and etiquette.

Rozhkov says, "As a true director of photography Egor knows not only how to set a good looking shot, but how to convey a story through cinematography."

One of Rozhkov's other films, "We Are Enemies," serves as a beautiful example of Povolotskiy's ability to create cinematic imagery, which heightens the emotions of the film's characters seamlessly. In the film, two soldiers from opposing sides meet on the battlefield during WWII where they form a brief bond as one stares down the barrel of his gun and into the eyes of the other, finding himself unable to execute his opponent.

Although cinematographers generally avoid pigeonholing their artistry by describing their work under the guise of any specific style, as each project requires a completely different approach in order to bring a story to life, Povolotskiy admits that he is drawn to using wide lenses and close-ups.

He says, "It's gorgeous how a 25mm lens wraps the face without distortion, adding life to a character and making the shot more dynamic; but again, that depends of what kind of feel needs to be represented in the scene. My work mixes a European and Hollywood style of cinematography."

Over the years Povolotskiy has created a dazzling reputation as a cinematographer whose diverse talent and capacity as a visual storyteller have led a myriad of films to great success.

And, with eight exciting new projects set to commence this year, and the films "Goetia," "Terminal State" and "Death of a Government Clerk" slated to hit the festival circuit very soon, it is clear that Egor Povolotskiy's extraordinary talents are in high demand.

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