Director Onn Nir Embarks On Several New Film and Television Projects That Are Destined for Success!

After the recent international success of his film "Bamidbar" Onn Nir prepares to deliver three more projects to the screen!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 6, 2015 / -- Director Onn Nir released the film "Bamidbar" to worldwide acclaim in 2014; and with 2015 well under way, the Israeli born filmmaker has several new and exciting projects coming up.

Nir currently has two films set to begin production, "Kamel" and "The Drummers," as well as the animated television series "Cakes," all of which will undoubtedly reveal this widely praised filmmaker's diverse talent.

"Kamel," the first and potentially most ambitious of Nir's upcoming projects, is a high-energy espionage thriller film about the life and death of one of Israeli's most memorable spies, Eli Cohen.

Cohen, whose stealthy and successful relationship building tactics with Syria's highest ranking political and military officials in the 60s helped provide the Israeli Army with incredible amounts of intelligence, is often marked as a key factor in the Israeli Army's victory in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Nir's heart pumping portrayal of the dangerous and dynamic world of Eli Cohen-- a man split between a family at home in Israel, and the flashy lifestyle he has erected in Damascus, Syria as "Kamel Amin"— explores themes of identity, heroism, love and cunning deception.

Director Onn Nir explains, "I have researched the subject in the past five years, and now it’s finally ready. The whole story takes place in Syria during the sixties, which presents an immense challenge to the production."

While the timeframe and setting of "Kamel" will definitely require immense planning in order to accurately portray Cohen's life and the chain of events that led to his death, Nir's past war-themed films like "Born Guilty," "Pressure Point," and "Bamidbar" prove that he is the director to bring this thrilling tale to the screen.

“The Drummers,” Nir's second upcoming film, which he co-wrote with Noga Pnueli, is a semi-autobiographical indie war film that tells the story of a US Army squad lost in the battleground in the remote mountains of Afghanistan. After a rookie bunch of soldiers find themselves amidst a tricky friendly fire situation due to an ambush gone awry, they must cope with the psychological effects of their actions all the while fighting for survival in an unknown land.

Nir says, "'The Drummers' investigates the burden of army camaraderie on the soldier's soul, and explores men-on-the-edge within group dynamics as the power of truth and the power of brotherhood brutally collide."

Switching gears from the intense tales of battle that he has become known for over the years, Nir is also working on the production of "Cakes," an interactive animated television series geared toward preschoolers.

Taking place in the rotary fridge of everyone's favorite local diner, "Cakes" follows a family of pastries led by Seymour, the Birthday Cake, as they embark on time travelling adventures and introduce viewers to classic inventions and the wonders of creativity.

About the series, Nir admits, "'Cakes' is something completely different for me, therefore, exciting. I have collaborated with top animation talents like Grace Young (Sanjay and Craig / Nickelodeon) and David Gidali of Outpost VFX (The director of the feature film "Earthquake 10.0") to bring this heart-warming family story into life."
With practically all of Nir's past work having received astonishing praise, this filmmaker has managed to procure a reputation that remains synonymous with success across continents.

Something that separates Nir from other directors is his ability to portray the trauma that war wreaks on a soldier with real time intensity, which allows audiences to realize that behind the uniform, a soldier is a human who must deal with the same emotions as the rest of us.

On a personal level, Nir's own experience as a former medic in the Israeli Army has provided him with unique insights into the characters he portrays on the screen.

Primetime Emmy nominated screenwriter Meg LaFauve says, "Mr. Nir creates emotionally sophisticated films that are uniquely his own. He has impressed executives, his peers and film festival organizers alike with engaging social commentary films. Among his numerous award winning films, his most recent, "Bamidbar" is currently touring the festival circuit at prominent festivals all over the world in China, France, Germany and the United States."

So far Nir's film "Bamidbar" has garnered the Audience Award at the 2014 Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, a nomination for Best American Short Film at the 2014 Champs-Elysees Film Festival, as well as two nominations including one for Best Director at the 2014 Shanghai International Film Festival.

In the film, Shiri, her boyfriend and her estranged father Avi journey into the desert in order to spend some time together before Shiri joins the Israeli Army. The film's two main characters, Shiri, who proudly looks forward to serving her country, and Avi, an army veteran who knows all to well the reality that awaits his daughter on the battlefield, provide us with honest accounts of a soldier's contrasting perspectives pre and post-war.

From Shiri's prewar naivety to the embittered Avi, who has been traumatized beyond the point of return, "Bamidbar" takes viewers on a graphic and progressively uncomfortable journey into the reality of war, and the effects it has on those involved.

"It was a very personal film to me," recalls Nir. "The whole process was very emotional as we dug deeper into the psychology of Army families."

With three more projects set to begin production in the near future, and a long list of other successful films like "The Green Door," "Reality 01," "The Inside Story in Africa, "Allie," and of course "Bamidbar,' already under his belt, we can certainly expect to see a whole lot more from this talented filmmaker for years to come.

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