Snappy Keys Brings New Life to the Locksmith Industry in Minneapolis

The locksmith industry isn't exactly the shining eye of service industries in Minneapolis. Snappy Keys Minneapolis wants to lead by example.

The locksmith industry isn't exactly the shining eye of service industries in Minneapolis. Snappy Keys Minneapolis wants to lead by example.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, November 11, 2014 / -- The Locksmith industry is one that has not seen much change in the past 100 years. Although many keys have gone electronic this is a small piece of the entire market. Brass keys and mechanical locks remain in the majority of homes, businesses and vehicles.

The real change to the locksmith industry as well as most other service industries is the way customers are finding service providers. Of course, I’m referring to the internet. The internet has brought on an infestation of locksmith scammers with headquarters all over the country. These online listings claim to be local but certainly are not.

They often advertise $15 or $30 lockout service and end up charging over $100. This makes it difficult to find an honest quote and near impossible for legitimate local locksmiths to reach customers without breaking the bank.

The owner of Snappy Keys Minneapolis is looking to use a different approach. Locally focused marketing, intense branding and friendly service are some of the virtues Cory Schmidt hopes to bring to Minneapolis with his new company, Snappy Keys Minneapolis.

"I want people to bypass the online search. I want people to recognize my brand as a part of the community with my vans, my stickers, flyers and business cards and then when they need a locksmith they remember my company and pick up the phone."

Cory Schmidt is the owner of one of Minnesota’s most prominent automotive locksmith companies, Stellar Keys and Remotes based in Brooklyn Park, MN. He got started in the trade in 1996 and founded his first company a few years later. Now he is bringing local locksmith services and a lock and key shop to Minneapolis.

"We felt the need to offer something new, a locksmith shop with ample lighting, a smiling face behind the counter, products you want and of course the lock and key services you came for. You can walk in, get your key copied and maybe find something else you like. My guy also services lighters and just really likes tinkering with this stuff."

The new shop is small and does not have direct access from the sidewalk. It is on the second floor of an office building on W Lake Street at Hennepin Ave. I visited the shop on a brisk fall afternoon. At the top of the stairs the door to the shop was open, the lighting from inside warm and inviting. The atmosphere quaint but sharp. Inside there is a display case filled with padlocks, a chest of keys and tools under the counter, an old pastry case housing a collection of Zippo lighters and various clips, rings and other accessories and mini-tools on display throughout the room. Cory describes it as a “boutique for all things lock and key.”

"No, I don’t think what I have here is something people are seeking out to find but what I've learned through my other businesses is that what people really want is another choice, a new option, and that’s what I’m trying to build here."

Snappy Keys Minneapolis is located at 1406 West Lake Street Suite 203 Minneapolis, MN 55408. The shop offers key copies, and lock service as well as a collection of pocket sized products for sale. Mobile services include car lockouts as well as on-site lock re-key, repair, and installation. Phone 612-999-2000, email, or visit

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