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Global Financial Stability Report: Risk Taking, Liquidity, and Shadow Banking: Curbing Excess While Promoting Growth - Analytical Chapters

2.1 The Run on the Shadow Banking System and Bank Losses during the Financial Crisis
Data 2.2 New Shadow Banking Developments
2.3 China: Bank Characteristics and Wealth Management Product Issuance
2.1 Comparison of Shadow Banking Measures
2.2 Summary of Panel Regression on Shadow Banking Growth
2.3 List of Economies Included in the Empirical Studies
2.4 List of Variables Used in Regression Analysis
2.5 Panel Regression of Shadow Banking Growth: Flow of Funds Sample, 1990−2013
2.6 Panel Regression of Shadow Banking Growth: Financial Stability Board Sample, 2002-2012
2.7 Snapshot of the New International Regulatory Initiatives
2.1 Broad Shadow Banking Measures
Data 2.2 Lending by Shadow Banks
2.3 Traditional versus Shadow Banking Intermediation
2.4 Alternative Measures of Shadow Banking Size
2.5 Shadow Banking Subsectors
Data 2.6 Size of the Shadow Banking Markets
2.7 Drivers of Shadow Banking
2.8 Sensitivity Analysis by Subsector
2.9 Brazil: Investment Funds, Insurance Companies and Pension Funds, and the Interest Rate
2.10 Shadow Banking Risks in the Euro Area, the United States, and Japan
Data 2.11 Systemic Risk and Interdependence of Financial Intermediaries
Data 2.12 U.S. Intermediaries' Contribution to Distress Vulnerability of the Euro Area Banking Sector
2.13 Effective Shadow Banking Regulation Must Cover Activities and Entities
2.14 Policy Framework to Mitigate Shadow Banking Risks
2.15 Different Definitions of Shadow Banking
2.16 Components of Broad and Narrow Measures of Noncore Liabilities