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Extra, Extra!!! Inventor Unveils Marijuana Wonder Drug for Pets! This Exist: Cannimal Crackers “Cannabis for Animals?”

Veterinarians Says it’s High Time Pets Started Using Medical Pot. Survey Shows People Feeding Pot to Pets for Anxiety, Noise Phobia, and a Appetite Stimulate.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 17, 2014 / -- The love we share for our pets is indescribable, and when dealing with sick pets most people go to extreme lengths to help treat the illness, even going against legal convention. Fortunately we live in a time where the taboos surrounding marijuana and cannabis are fading as modern science is de-demonize and somewhat scientifically re-establishing the plant as a potent medicine against some of today’s most prevalent illnesses.

Of cause the question is, what happens when you take a adequate mixture of time, chance, and well I guess you can say just one smart cookie, and what do you get? Cannimal Crackers! Cannabis, (you heard me) that’s cannabis for animals. - Cannimal Crackers

Octavius Smith- is the inventor of four revolutionary medical marijuana patents, Knoxavarin, Xanavarin Cannimal Crackers, and a fourth he says he can’t discuss at this time due to contractual reasons. Impressive!

To find out not only had he invented this veterinarian pharmaceutical supplement for which he was being interviewed, but he has also compounded several other cannabis drugs for humans use was very impressive to me. Two of the drugs are in use and being sold in medical marijuana dispensaries as we speak.

This veterinarian product in particular has actually been making some waves from pet owners from the far conservative east to the extreme left, back right to the center politically correct column. People are fighting this "Pet Pot" argument from both sides ferociously like, well like cats and dogs. No pun intended.

I told him his colleges considers him a genius. He smiled and said,"if you met some of my friends, would you feel the same?" He just considers himself a cannabis consultant, a entrepreneur and inventor. His latest development Cannimal Crackers is a special blend of cannabis infused treats for dogs and cats. The Cannimal Crackers brand is a simple play on words standing for "Cannabis for animals", but Cannimal Crackers were designed to treat animals for pain, inflammation, and end-of-life health issues.

"As the caregivers of our pets," Octavius continued, "we have the right to know that the treatments we are giving our animal companions are effective, humane, and are causing better good than harm. The communication between pets and caregivers is obviously limited, we can’t very well ask them how they are feeling along the way, and we are often left to make decisions about their medical treatments based on advice and good intentions."

He continued, "I have seen care givers share their medical marijuana with their animals suffering from serious end of life ailments. Marijuana eased the pain during their final weeks. The marijuana helped those family pets to stop whimpering and start eating, gaining weight, and acting more like the playful pets they use to be." It wasn’t a cure in the cases he observed, but Octavius believed it helped alleviate their pain during their last days. “For human caregivers, this relief is really all we want for our animal companions.”

Cannimal Crackers is a unique blended pharmaceutical composition comprising the phytocannabinoids tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and cannabidiol (CBD), along with a synergistic mixture of terpenes and in particular the absent of thetetrahydrocannabinol (THC), with the addition of other inert ingredients for use as a matrix for retaining and delivering medicinal compounds made from a new liquid phytocannabinoid slurry compounded into an organic casting compositions comprising a major proportion of human consumed foods and supplements, designed to enhance the medical benefits of the Cannabis plant while minimizing the ‘high-inducing’ concentrations of THC.

Cannimal Crackers are made with pharmaceutical and laboratory grade equipment and is in compliance with FDA CGMP recommendations, as they pertain to supplement manufacture for the strict purpose of oral administration to cats and dogs, and other zoo mammals. As the inventor of this product, they are committed to continued research and development in order to ensure their products are safe and effective and continue to meet the needs of your pets.

Cannimal Crackers are made from 100% organic, and non-GMO, cannabis. We use only vegetarian products and capsules when used, and ensure all of our packaging is made from recycled materials and is in turn fully recyclable. This even includes their plastic bags, labels, and business cards.

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