Exquisite Knives New Website Launch Hopes To Attract Hollywood Collectors

Exquisite Knives to debut high-end handcrafted creations for all knife enthusiasts

VISTA, CA, USA, April 4, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Exquisite Knives launches a new, easily navigated site, ideal for knife collectors and enthusiast looking to expand their collections. The handcrafted array of top-notch blades by the top craftsmen in the world is currently available for access at www.ExquisiteKnives.com. This new, interactive site encourages knife collectors to browse and purchase some of the most sought after knives on a more reachable platform.

Many are unaware of the true value of collecting custom knives - some of which sell for over $50,000. The world of custom knives is consistently growing, with some of the top investors realizing not just the value, but also the legacy that the collection can leave within their family. Even some of Hollywood's elite have shown interest with custom, handcrafted knives including, but by no means limited to: Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Cage, Robin Williams, Axel Rose, and Steven Tyler.

Like many of the top investors and collectors in the world, Mastersmith Dave Ellis realized his passion for the craftsmanship of knives at an early age. With his collection continuously developing over 25 years, Dave Ellis is fluid within the world of custom knives. Following the work of many Bladesmith's before him, Dave Ellis began his first apprenticeship in 1988, passing the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Mastersmith by 1997.

This new website will feature some knives from Dave Ellis' personal collection as well as other exclusive knives from top notch makers, many of which have increased and continue to increase in value. With an eye for collecting and re-selling, Exquisite Knives tackles the difficult and trying concept by purchasing knives that are distinguishable from the other custom makers. Exquisite Knives features both folding and fixed blade knives from the top makers in the world such as Loveless, Moran, Lake, Walker, and Schmidt. With international shipping also available, customers can pursue their ideal knife collection from essentially anywhere in the world.

Knife enthusiasts around the world can locate and pursue their high-end collections with the assistance of Dave Ellis at Exquisite Knives.

For more information from Exquisite Knives or Mastersmith, Dave Ellis visit: www.ExquisiteKnives.com

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