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BLO Emporium launces Vaping business model that upends the market

Laguna Beach, CA - (NewMediaWire) - March 04, 2014 - The number of Vape Shops in the United States is growing exponentially and is currently estimated at between 2,000-3,000 physical locations. There are pockets that are congested, but others that are open territory, and BLO Emporium intends to be the major player in this Vape Space.

Paulina Kissinger, CEO of BLO Emporiums and Love to Blo Gourmet e-juice shares, “So far most of the industry has been run by novices entering a business they have passion for but just a few with maturity and experience in creating successful business models. That’s where BLO Emporiums fits in as we plan to have 100 stores open by the end of 2014.”  

In addition to her role as CEO, Ms. Kissinger, is a licensed clinical mental health and family therapist highly focused on the physical and mental benefits of vaping and seeing this as an alternative to nicotine dependency.

Phillip Morris and Altria tobacco, two of the largest tobacco companies, predict that e-cigarettes and smokeless systems “will overtake traditional cigarettes in ten years.” The tobacco industry generates in excess of $35 Billion dollars annual revenue which equates into vast potential in a new market that only just began. Capitalizing on the market has been a challenge—until now.

BLO Emporiums are designed to be consistent and engaging experiences that bring in Vapors of all ages, from the Millennials to the Baby Boomers, many of who are quitting cigarettes after decades of addition to them.

For those looking to monetize this growing business, a BLO store can be opened for about the price of a new car, which includes all inventory, flooring, point of sale equipment, signage and training. The goal is to give anyone that wants to start in this business to have a profitable track to run on.

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