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Physician Employment Mistake: Failing to Consult Counsel

// Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse (Press Release) // Keith Clouse

Many new doctors believe they can successfully review and negotiate their first employment agreements without the help of employment law counsel. Doing so, however, can result in serious problems for these doctors years later.

An employment law attorney who is experienced with physician employment contracts knows the applicable laws, the special legal meanings of certain words, and the pitfalls and loopholes common in these agreements. An attorney knows what terms should be included in an agreement and how to reword vague provisions. An attorney also knows how to negotiate a fair compensation scheme and a reasonable non-compete provision that will not unduly impinge the doctor’s ability to find work when he leaves the practice.

A doctor should contact an employment lawyer as soon as he receives an employment offer. It’s best to consult with an attorney even before the basic terms are outlined. Doing so enables the lawyer to point out potential areas for negotiation that the doctor might not have thought of. Then, once the physician has received a proposed employment agreement, he should immediately send it to his employment lawyer so the lawyer can begin his review and assessment.

To learn more about negotiating physician employment agreements, contact an employment lawyer in your area. This article is presented by the employment law attorneys at Clouse Dunn LLP. For inquiries, send an email to or call (214) 239-2705.

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