US Lenders Comparison Launches New Website and Offers Bad Credit Personal Loans Up to $5000

US Lenders Comparison launches new lender comparison site. US Lenders Comparison protects borrowers by offering a list of top lenders in one place.

NEW YORK, USA, August 13, 2013 / -- Being in a situation with no money to pay bills or other expenses can be a scary scenario. However, no matter the situation, those experiencing financial difficulty find themselves in, short-term options are available. One such option is applying from a variety of loan plans offered by the reputable website

For those in financial distress, taking on the task themselves to search for a reputable online payday loan service can be daunting. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous lenders in the industry so it’s important to use extreme caution. But those days of tirelessly searching for online payday loan services alone are over. is launching a comparison site where borrowers can have all the best and most reputable payday loan providers at their fingertips.

On US Lenders Comparison site, all payday loan services are reviewed and respectable to those in need of some extra cash. US Lenders Comparison finds lenders based on if they are licensed in each state, have physical store fronts, are U.S. based, display contact information, and have a privacy policy. Lenders are also rated on Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, accreditation and complaints. US Lenders Comparison strives to protect their customers with facts and tools on payday lending with their new comparison site.

On US Lenders Comparison comparison site, borrowers can choose from several reputable lenders that are ranked by customer satisfaction, loan amount they offer and ARP percentage. The following is a list of top lenders borrowers can find on the comparison site.

There are 4 types of Lenders those borrowers should be aware of which include:

State Licensed – lenders licensed by individual states and adhere to state laws.
Out-of-State – these lenders can either be licensed in their own state and export their laws into the borrower’s state or not be licensed and comply with Federal laws.
Tribal – lenders that comply with U.S. Federal laws and export their tribal laws into the borrower’s state.
Foreign-based – these lenders are unregulated and export their laws into the borrower’s state.

Borrowers should also take into consideration the lenders pricing. It is important for the borrower to understand the pricing and renewal terms of their loan. There are 2 types of short-term loans:

Payday loans are a single advance on your paycheck. Money is deposited in the borrower’s checking account the next business day after approval. After the next paycheck is deposited in the borrower’s account, the loan amount fees are automatically withdrawn.
Installment loans – paid in return to lender over multiple paychecks. When applying for this type of loan, the lender and borrower will arrange the number of pay periods and payment amount that will be withdrawn.

Which loan type is better? It really depends on the borrower’s situation. With Installment loans, the borrower has a longer time period to pay the loan back and has a lower APR. In regards to a payday loan, the borrower has a shorter time frame to repay the loan but with lower fees. The best way to choose which loan type is right for a borrower’s situation is to estimate how long it will take to pay back the loan. For example, if the borrower needs 6 pay periods to pay back a paycheck advance of less than $600, an installment loan is the better option. If the loan is greater than $600, the better options is a payday loan and renew it.

About US Lenders Comparison is the #1 online credit sources for guaranteed approval on payday loans regardless of bad credit. US Lenders Comparison provides their clients with the industry’s top-rated lenders to choose from all on one site.

The advantages for those using for fast payday loans with online lenders include:

-Guaranteed application for personal loans
-Simple online application and easy approval
-Anyone can apply regardless of bad credit
-Long Payment Terms

For more information and to see if you qualify for a fast payday loan up to $5,000, please fill out an application at

The search for answers to many questions about payday loans was never simpler. For example, the majority of people still believe that their number of social insurance is asked to start solvency check. But the truth in volume SSN is used only for people with the bad credits which are often rejected the main credit companies and banks.

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