Men's Health Week: Erectile Doctor Celebrates with Exclusive Discount for Members

SADDLE BROOK, NJ, June 10, 2013 / -- In honor of Men's Health Week, physicians are eligible to receive an exclusive urology launch discount on one of the most cutting-edge pieces of medical equipment on the market.

The month of June is widely accepted as Men’s Health Month, and today marks the start of National Men’s Health Week. In honor of this marked period of awareness, Xion Medical and have unified efforts to encourage urologists to join the wave of technologically innovative men’s sexual health treatments. In doing so, all members are eligible to receive more than a 40 percent discount through June 25th on one of the most cutting-edge pieces of medical equipment on the market for urologists: the SphygmoCor XCEL.

The SphygmoCor XCEL is an FDA approved device that received the AMA’s approval for its specialized CPT code in January 2013. The device measures brachial and central aortic pressures, as well as arterial stiffness in urology patients. This allows urologists to conduct a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment quickly and efficiently, helping to better diagnose and treat each patient. For a very limited time, Xion Medical is offering members this device for more than 40 percent off the original price as part of its launch into the field of urology for men’s sexual health.

The SphygmoCor XCEL has been featured in more than 600 published studies, including the scrutiny of cardiovascular risk factors through assessment of arterial stiffness in erectile dysfunction patients, and the effect of testosterone replacement therapy on arterial stiffness in older, hypogonadal men.

The device is especially useful in diagnosing and assisting in the treatment of men suffering from sexual dysfunction, which explains the partnership between Xion Medical and XION's Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Dr. Noel Cyrill explains:

“We’re offering this exclusive urology launch discount to members because we want to emphasize Men’s Health Month. Men associate sexual dysfunction with some type of failure, when many times it’s a strong indication of an underlying health issue. We’re striving to change the dialogue surrounding sexual dysfunction for men.”

On point with Dr. Cyrill’s mission, is the first and only free online platform established specifically for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The site connects men affected with ED with local urologists to seek treatment. While many factors can cause erectile dysfunction, the disorder has one characteristic that remains ubiquitous; it is under diagnosed, and therefore under treated.

“As a urologist, I understand how under diagnosed erectile dysfunction is, and it’s important for physicians to utilize the newest technologies available.” said Dr. Muhammad Mirza, founder and CEO of “Men’s Health Week is the perfect time for us to encourage men to take charge of their health.”

It’s free to register for, and it’s the only way to receive the limited-time discount on the SphygmoCor XCEL from Xion Medical, through June 25th 2013. Registered members may contact Xion Medical at, and physicians who’ve yet to sign up can do so at

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