Lighthouse Web Designs Generates PunchOut Catalogs to Set their Clients Apart from the Competition

A screenshot of the FutureTek PunchOut Catalog website.

TUPELO, MS, June 10, 2013 / -- Lighthouse Web Designs creates PunchOut Catalogs to give companies the edge over competition while helping deliver to customers exactly what they want to use – the latest in technology - PunchOut Catalogs.

Lighthouse Web Designs realizes as more and more buyers demand the enhanced capabilities of PunchOut Catalogs, more states and large corporations are favoring PunchOut Catalogs (also called PunchOut Websites). PunchOut Catalogs also known as E-Procurement websites allow buyers access a supplier’s ecommerce website directly from the buyer’s procurement application. Not all states will allow their vendors to showcase products and services without PunchOut Catalogs and some don’t even permit vendors to participate in the state’s e-procurement system. Even when vendors are invited to participate, often their only choice is to list their products and services in uninteresting, hosted catalogs such as spreadsheets.

PunchOut Catalogs provide states the ability to save money on accounting and labor as PunchOut orders are precisely transmitted automatically online. Buyers find that errors are reduced, productivity is increased, and the entire procurement process is easier and more effective. In short, PunchOut creates a product and service catalog that keeps information current including price and availability, while allowing seamless purchases online with customer’s own procurement system.

Lighthouse Web Designs was proud to assist FutureTek, Inc. with their E-Procurement PunchOut catalog that assists with their contracts with the state of North Carolina. Since the website is developed using CXML technology FutureTek, Inc. can present their products in the best light to their buyers. Other businesses that have contracts with North Carolina have an awesome opportunity to sell their products and services via the NC E-Procurement Site at NC E-Procurement.

In 2007, Lighthouse Web Designs was created by Richelle Anderson to provide businesses a way to expand their businesses online affordably. The company is a full service web design and web development agency that believes in building partnerships with their clients and helping them to grow their businesses.

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