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Gazprom Neft completes first oil shipment from Novoport field

Gazprom Neft completes first oil shipment from Novoport field

14 May 2013

Gazprom Neft has completed its first season, which lasted from February through April of this year, of oil shipments from Novoport field. A total of over 10,000 tons of crude oil was shipped from the field during the operating period of the winter roads.

Novoport field Novoport field

Oil from the field was delivered by truck to Payuta railway station, located 200 kilometers from Novy Port, and from there it was shipped by rail.

“The quality of the winter roads and the logistical system that has we have here, enabled us to successfully ship the oil for the first time in the history of this field . The key task of the project was to test the new crude oil shipping route. The company is planning to use the proposed method in the wintertime until infrastructure is put in place to allow a year-round shipment of oil from Novy Port” says Denis Kashapov, Executive Director of the Novy Port branch of Gazpromneft Razvitiye.

Oil was first obtained at Novoport field during testing of a newly drilled well in August 2012.

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Gazpromneft Razvitiye, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, runs Gazprom Neft’s major projects within Russia and abroad. The list of projects the company manages includes development of Novoport field, control over which was transferred to Gazprom Neft in late 2012.

Novoport field is the largest oil and gas condensate field in Yamalsky District. The categories C1 and C2 recoverable reserves at Novoport field exceed 230 million tons of oil and 270 billion cubic meters of gas.