Construction of Homes in Bellwether Park in Edmonton has Officially Begun

/ New Edmonton townhouses and condos are now being built by Bellwether Park.

New construction has begun at Bellwether Park for Edmonton townhouses and condos. Sales are already being encouraged with great savings in place to reward early-bird buyers.

Bellwether Park is a safe and vibrant part of Edmonton with golf courses and parks nearby. Downtown Edmonton is just a quick drive away with its many pubs, restaurants and nightlife to look forward to on date night. All the same, the quiet family atmosphere of Athlone makes Bellwether Park a great place to call home for those interested in Edmonton condos.

Bellwether Park is an affordable community for anyone looking to buy Edmonton condos and townhouses. The design of the houses is clean and modern, warm but not stilted in its thinking about how a home can look and feel.

Ultimately, there will be 750 homes in Bellwether Park, a future community that can grow together. When finished, these homes will be coveted by young families looking for the balance of a family-friendly environment with nearby adult fun. Buying Edmonton townhouses and condos now will be the best investment for the future for those who take advantage of the discounted prices offered to those who jump in early.

The booming energy sector of Edmonton makes it ideal for young professionals and entrepreneurs who have just found their footing and are ready to settle down. The new construction launch coincides perfectly with the economic climate of Edmonton’s growth and will cater to these new professionals by giving them more than just a place to live. They will have a community to love.

About Bellwether Park

Tricon Design is a design and construction firm with experience in construction in Alberta. Tricon has the lead on Bellwether Park design and overseeing the project. The company’s vast experience in community construction has made it a dominant figure in the province. For more information please visit

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