87 Year Old Silver Surfer Launches His Own Stairlifts Website

/EINPresswire.com/ 87 year old retired doctor launches his own stairlifts website to help the elderly.

Dr. Neil Stirling, a retired GP from Cheshire, has just unveiled a new website which is aimed at the elderly population who now uses computers, laptops and smartphones and are nicknamed silver surfers. Boasting a striking dynamic layout and an iPad style YouTube player, the site has already started generating customer inquiries and is unlike anything seen in the stairlifts market to date.

Castle Comfort Stairlifts, where Doctor Stirling still works voluntarily each week, has had a stairlifts presence with their main website since 2005 and has found that over the last 8 years of selling stairlifts that although their main customers - the elderly - have continued to frequent the business, and found them in directories or by word of mouth, a new breed of customer has been making themselves known and has found out about them on the web. The families of potential customers, and more increasingly, the retired "silver surfers" themselves, were logging in online to search for items of interest, both to research the best firms or to actually proceed with a purchase from them.

In the past the firm has had much success with its comparison shopping approach to a stairlifts purchase. By offering access to all the main stairlift brands the customer can choose the best lift for them, rather than being forced to decide on just one manufacturers brand of lift. With their stairlift showroom people could also visit to try one on a real staircase before they bought one and also take advice from a local doctor when out on home visits.

Realizing that the web offered an opportunity to reach more customers with his value approach the managing director commissioned the stairliftsdoctor.co.uk website to provide a platform for the down to earth pragmatic advice that the doctor dispenses, and to help market the company in this new medium.

By marketing online they are able to show their stairlifts brochure to more people looking to buy a stairlift and it gives enquirers a chance to find out about Castle Comfort Stairlifts themselves as a real bricks and mortar company, and to help new customers get a feel for how they do business.

Times change and with it the technology changes too. Keith Simpson, the managing director, had the foresight to see this change and has chosen the stairlifts doctor website to take into account the ever present mobile phones and tablets that more and more people have nowadays. The dynamic website resizes to the size of the screen it is viewed on and also offers click to call technology for mobile phone users which only three of the top 10 stairlifts firms have. All this was achieved on a modest budget, which is the same approach they use when providing stairlifts for their customers, whose many stairlift reviews feature on the site.

Keith Simpson said, "Our new website is good looking, does its job perfectly and was very reasonably priced. Just like our stairlifts." If you want to talk with Dr.Stirling directly he is available by appointment through the website.

Castle Comfort was started some 15 years ago when the founder needed mobility products for his own mother. Dr Stirling at 87 still works for the company in a voluntary capacity each week along with other staff members in their 70's and 80's. Their knowledge of the elderly customer is therefore unparalleled and they are probably the regions favourite mobility products supplier and also a well respected national stairlifts supplier.

Dr Neil Stirling
Castle Comfort Stairlifts Ltd
01782 612771

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