American Illumination Launches the Next Generation of Mega Blockz LED Engines

/ American Illumination, Inc.®, a specialist in designing and creating LED light engines, will unveil at Lightfair 2013 the next generation of its popular Mega Blockz LED engines. The high output 4”x4” and 4”x8” Mega Blockz, feature a stylish, thermally superior heat sink.

American Illumination is showcasing the improved Mega Blockz along with several other improved LED engines and new LED lamp technologies at Lightfair 2013 in Philadelphia, PA at booth #4148.

The new generation 4"x4" and 4"x8" Mega Blockz by American Illumination, Inc.® feature state-of-the-art technology with a redesigned solid housing for improved thermal efficiency. This improved integrated heat sink doubles as the LED engine housing and allows the LED’s to dissipate harmful heat faster from the source to the fins. Improved airflow from all four sides of the LED engine prevents the trapping of heat both within the unit and in crucial luminaire designs, as well as alleviates the need for additional heat sink. Electrical contractors, OEMS and fixture designers can count on the Mega Blockz LED engine’s quick cool design for high performance, efficiency and longevity in lighting installations.

“The Mega Blockz line was a big hit when first introduced. This year we have improved upon a terrific product with added enhancements of quicker heat transfer, compartmentalized housing and a sleeker, bolder look without sacrificing on output. These LED engines are solidly built and easy to retrofit in existing fixtures, making them a no-brainer plug and play solution for a variety of applications. Why reinvent the wheel when American Illumination is offering a one-stop, versatile LED product that eliminates the need to outsource LED module integration?” explains Gina Lee, Director of Marketing at American Illumination.

Users can also enjoy the following features of the Mega Blockz:
• Compartmentalized components reduces heat cross-feeding between components for improved longevity
• Housing is securely sealed for moist, damp environments as well as outdoor fixtures
• Design freedom with option of low or line voltage
• Four corner screw holes included for easy, quick installation.
• Housing color can be specified or customized for a “right fit” solution
• 110° beam spread with a sturdy, tempered glass lens

The newest Mega Blockz LED engines are perfect for commercial indoor or outdoor applications where high lumen output and low energy use are required. Also included in the upgrades is an improved white LED color offering, though they can also be specified with single color or RGB LED’s. At a thickness of 1", these linear engines are excellent for low profile fixture designs while packing a major punch. The 9W 4”x4” has an efficacy of over 90 lumens per watt and is comparable in output to a 60W incandescent or 13W CFL bulb. The 17W 4”x8” has an efficacy of 88+ lumens per watt and is comparable to a 100W incandescent or a 26W CFL. Both Blockz models exceed the minimum 70 lumens per watt Energy Star efficacy requirement for solid state lighting and are ideal for meeting other efficiency requirements.

Mega Blockz are heavy duty LED lights with a sleek, well designed body that can be proudly displayed standalone or used within a fixture. Popular applications include wall packs, shoebox lights, area down lights, sconces, backlighting and signage.
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About American Illumination, Inc.®
American Illumination, Inc.® specializes in designing and creating LED light engines for OEM fixture manufacturers and other lighting providers. The firm offers custom design solutions and helps companies streamline LED adoption while maintaining a high aesthetic and performance standard.

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