Get Help Maintaining A Healthy Body pH Balance With The Updated pHood Calculator App Now on iTunes

/ NewPage Productions, Inc., has released an updated pHood Calculator App. Version 2.0 features new icons and more food choices to help users track the acidity/alkalinity of foods. NewPage Productions, Inc., offers pH test strips and educates users on how to test their pH level.

NAPERVILLE, IL -- "Version 2.0 makes the pHood Calculator more effective and more intuitive for users. We've added nearly 100 new foods that will make it easier to track pH values of meals and snacks. This update will be like getting a second, bigger App for the price of one. The pH food Calculator will help users both plan meals or make better dining choices on the spot." explained Deborah Page Johnson of NewPage Productions, Inc..

The pHood Calculator provides data on the acid/alkaline-forming ability of foods instantly featuring an interactive sliding scale of pH measurement allowing users to track the foods they eat on the go. Easily view current estimated body pH balance and compare to the recommended pH balance. No more guesswork, an easy and inexpensive diagnostic tool anyone can use to balance pH levels to help: Lose Weight; Stop Acid Reflux; Reduce Joint Pain; Maintain Bone Density; Look and Feel Younger; Better Absorb Supplements; Think Clearer; Have Clearer Skin; Eliminate Bloat; Easy Total Body Detox.

"Body pH is a very important but an often overlooked function of health. Many ailments can be traced to a lifetime of a high-acid diet. These ailments show up only after the body's alkaline reserves have been depleted. Along with pH strip testing, this App will take the guesswork out of pH balancing, ultimately leading to internal equilibrium and radiant health. A body in pH balance just works better, looks better, feels better!" noted Page Johnson.

Both the pHood Calculator and the NewPage Productions, Inc., website feature success tips and alkaline diet suggestions that can help alkalize and balance body pH levels. The company offers tools and resources to aid users in losing weight and balancing their pH, including a blog, alkaline recipes, books, pH test strips and information on how to test your pH level. Their website offers a free online interactive Toxic Screening Test.

The pHood Calculator is available for $1.99 on iTunes. The App is designed to work with both the iPhone and the iPad. Find it at:

About NewPage Productions: Deborah Page Johnson, after researching the cause of her family's ill health, first authored The Feel Good Food Guide. Page Johnson also founded her company, wrote the best-selling Home Test pH Kit and started Deborah's research has led her to discover the connection between body pH levels and many common health issues. Over the years because of this desire to share information and help others, more products and resources have followed.

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