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The Secret to a Pure Life and Pure Happiness.

/ The Tragedy of Mankind is that Pure Life is Real but we Live Life Mostly in Images!

We Would Like to Draw the Attention of Our Education Leaders from President Obama, Bill Gates, President Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, the Google Bosses, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Sheikha Mozah, Meera Gandhi, Queen Noor and Mayor Booker etc. to the ignored, neglected, misunderstood and even miseducated brain education.

It is said that for adults, the first impression is the last impression; now just imagine the first impression on the fetus for nine long months day in and day out in the womb. It is the womb reality that provides and shapes this one long first impression. Being constantly hugged by the womb, the fetus feels loved, comfortable, physical pleasure generated happiness and secure. All this positive feed back, this constant life experienced in happiness starts to shape its self image.

It has no idea of the outside world for the first few months and the first impression is that it is all there is and so it considers itself as all existence. Thus feelings of omnipresence begin to take shape.

Now just imagine if all you experienced as an adult was a happy, secure, comfortable and loved life, how would you feel? You would feel very successful beyond imagination. as you would begin to consider your self as being the one and only who is all good and powerful. So feelings of omnipotence begin to take shape.

At birth all normal babies feel omnipotent and omnipresent. It gradually dawns on the child that not only is it not alone but that it is totally dependent on others. However as it experiences the new pleasures of hugs and kisses, open spaces, cleanliness and the pleasures of breast sucking and new tastes of different foods it begins to enjoy its new life. Its feelings of omnipotence and omnipresence get pushed more and more into the unconscious as it begins to drown in its new pleasures of life.

The child’s feelings of being dependent begin to sink into the unconscious, gradually rubbing off the feelings of omnipotence and omnipresence. At the conscious level it begins to realize and love the fact that it is nothing and as life is good it begins to trust, love, admire and respect the source of all this bliss. It begins to realize it’s own importance in a very good way, in the sense that all these powerful people it is dependent on, are giving it so much care and importance. It again starts to feel like the center of the universe, though in a dependent, loving, trusting and respectful way. The seed of wisdom/super-mature-emotional-intelligence sprouts it’s root.

The common belief that when one considers oneself as zero means one must consider one’s self as insignificant is wrong. There is a very powerful sense of being when one feels one’s self as zero! Just like the zero of mathematics has transformed science and life; this zero of self importance is more unique and more powerful than any self confidence one can have.

Thus the unconscious first impression finally gels into that of being the center of attention, love and caring. The self basks in this caring, love, warmth, security, this self importance; accepting that this blissful life is all dependent on and is sourced to the self by others. Thus everyone else is more important. One is virtually a zero when compared with everyone else. But this zero self is still the heavyweight of everyone else, the center of the universe for everyone else. Of-course in the right order of things.

For some things go wrong in the womb itself. For others the unhealthy upbringing, the hurts, the neglect, the slaps to the self, create an emotional baggage that creates an emotionally challenged brain. Instead of becoming a pure zero one becomes a phony over confident or an under confident self image or a mixture of the two.

When one has emotional baggage in the brain this emotional baggage is mostly created early when the self has not grasped language and it only feels and experiences life in biochemical reactions through the brain. As the self grows older the mind takes shape and begins to understand and figure the self out in words. By the time the self understands itself through the mind the self is quite set emotionally in the physical brain.

Thus all emotional baggage resides in the brain emotionally. The brain learns in emotions and the brain understands in emotions. Thus the brain can only unlearn in emotions. No wonder current wisdom/emotional-intelligence education is a failure as we try to 'teach' wisdom through words. When we teach in words the mind learns. It passes on the knowledge to the brain in words but it is like the brain gets the information in a foreign language that it does not understand and so teaching wisdom in words is a failure. Current wisdom education that is being taught in words is French to the brain.

So, emotional intelligence education is brain therapy. What is needed is emotional brain therapy which takes out the emotional baggage from the emotional brain.

The majority of Americans have a trophy self image, which means we are just one step away from being wise. We are just one step away from being a pure zero. It also means most of us do not need professional help to take out the emotional baggage from our brains! One sure way to know if you have emotional baggage is to see if you are happy and you sleep soundly without any drugs. If not then just realize what you are missing and how close you are to a life of bliss and a pure zero life, which means experiencing a pure self and a life of pure love and pure happiness. No more phony pleasures and phony relationships; no more restlessness and tossing and turning to go to within your grasp.

Unfortunately even our experts are confused about the differences between the brain and mind. For all practical purposes both the mind and brain are treated as one; yes indeed the self is one but we have a compound self where the brain, the mind and the pure self are all separate and or mixed and confused entities. We teach education only in words and so we have education just for the mind. Education in words is French to the brain and so it is ineffective. Our mind science experts must wake up to the ignored but essential brain education, which has to be taught in the emotional language that the brain understands.

If you have emotional baggage then you are mostly not living your life in pure emotions. You are constantly wasting your time reviewing your life in words, missing out using the same time in a pure zero life of heavenly bliss. Instead of experiencing life first hand in pure emotions you are wasting time in re-experiencing life second hand in images when you can live the real life. It is like you are just imagining that you are eating an apple when you are in reality eating an apple. Pure life is real but we live it mostly in images; in a confused mixture of real and imagined! You are better; you deserve better so please make it so!

We already have therapies that make the subnormal into normal we have to use the same therapies to make the sub normal and the so called normal into super normal. We have invented our very own fast track emotional therapies that the brain understands. Please google, 1)'braintecness' and 2) 'self image therapy sajid khan'

You have to unleash the gates of pure zero power for the sake of your family, your friends, our country and above all for your own true self!