DUI Checkpoints in California Now Available on 888-DUI-HOTLine's Social Media Pages

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/EINPresswire.com/ California’s leading network of DUI Attorneys, 888duiHotline.com, has started to post DUI Checkpoints on its Facebook and Twitter pages. DUI Checkpoints are posted in real time and the information is consolidated from County Sheriff news releases and other sources.

Over 38 states use DUI checkpoints or sobriety checkpoints as of February 2013. These checkpoints pop up on weekends, New Years Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, although they may be used whenever local law enforcement sees fit. Law enforcement see DUI checkpoints as a tool to reduce accidents by drunk drivers and save lives. Others see DUI Checkpoints as an encroachment on individual personal freedoms guaranteed by Constitutional rights.

Many drivers do not know that California law has rules for how these checkpoints must be set up and conducted, and that many times the police don’t always follow all of the rules. In such cases, the traffic stop may be found to be illegal, and the arrest on charges of a DUI may be thrown out of court.

Since February 2013, 888-DUI-HOTLine, has started to post the location of California DUI checkpoints on its social media pages. Posts can be followed on 888-DUI-HotLine's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/888duihotline

"Our view is that DUI Checkpoints are meant to remind the public not to drink and drive. We feel the same. Drivers can also avoid the traffic and plan in advance of the DUI Checkpoint," said 888-DUI-HOTLine spokesperson Carmen Lantz. "We condemn drunk driving and advocate using designated drivers."

Their Facebook page has been well received and has grown to over 800 “likes” in three weeks.

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888-DUI-HOTLine is a network and directory of independently owned law firms and DUI Attorneys. Let 888-DUI-HOTLine help you find an excellent DUI Attorney. Visit http://www.888duiHotline.com or call 888-DUI-HOTLine (888-384-4685).

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