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Choiceful gives customers a chance to sell unwanted Christmas gifts

/ UK ( - press release) Customers that received Christmas gifts they weren’t keen on this year will easily be able to sell them via Choiceful’s Marketplace, the online retailer has announced.

Choiceful stocks all huge variety of products, from gadgets to home and garden and everything in between, so it offers customers a chance to sell unwanted Christmas gifts this year so they can then go on to buy what they really wanted for Christmas.

Guy Schmidt, Sales Director at Choiceful said: “It can be quite difficult to hide your displeasure when unwrapping a Christmas gift that really isn’t what you wanted, and it can also be a bit disappointing. However, at Choiceful we will be offering customers a chance to get themselves the gift they were really after, by selling on their unwanted gifts for money.”

Choiceful's Marketplace is completely free and incredibly easy to use, and new customers can register for it now.

Choiceful offers over 20 million products and selling any item is made just as easy as buying!

All you need to do is find your product on Choiceful and enter the price and quantity, so your item can be listed in minutes. Large volume sellers can effortlessly list tens of thousands of products too, by using Choiceful’s bulk upload tools.

One of the biggest advantages of selling via, is that only small commission of just 5% after a successful sale is taken, and listing items is free so this makes it incredibly attractive compared to the average 20% commission rates of other leading marketplaces like eBay.

Withdrawing funds is just as simple, just enter a valid bank or Paypal account for payments from successful sales to be deposited into, and people can then begin selling their unwanted items right away.

Absolutely anything can be sold on Choiceful as well, so even the most bizarre Christmas gifts could be sold through the retailer.

The retailer's Marketplace can be used year round, not just at Christmas time, but at this time of year, Choiceful is the place to go if people have received any unwanted Christmas gifts and want to make a bit of extra money!

To find out more about the Choiceful Marketplace, visit


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Name: Guy Schmidt
Title: Director
Telephone: 0845 337 3381