Wuf Couture Launches Online Boutique of Couture Designer Custom Fit Dog Clothes

/EINPresswire.com/ Wuf Couture is a fashion couture house for dogs. Every garment is produced in Wuf Couture's studio creating the pet owner a garment that expresses their treasured dog. Dogs will enjoy wearing Wuf Couture clothes because the garment is fitted to their body dimensions.

Wuf Couture, an exclusive designer of custom fit dog clothes, launches its online fashion couture house for dogs. Wuf Couture brings the online shopping experience and couture dog clothes together to create a distinctive experience for dog lover's worldwide to acquire couture custom fit dog apparel.

Dog parents become so emotionally attached to dogs that they are a member of the family. People laugh at their antics, give their dogs nicknames and share stories about their little girl or boy dog. As a result, dog lovers find many ways to show their affection to their "furry kids." One most common way of expressing their dog is through clothes and accessories.

Wuf Couture shares the passion of dog lovers and combines this with the fashion world. No two dog body dimensions are identical just as no two humans have the same identical body measurements. Wuf Couture's focus is creating clothes that are custom fit to a particular dog's body dimension. When clothes fit properly on the dog, the dog has greater mobility and can still be themselves. Wuf Couture was founded on the principle that clothes should fit the dog, not the dog fit the clothes.

"Wuf Couture focuses on both our clients. Unlimited design options for our human clients and custom fit for our dog clients. As an owner of two dogs, I have seen how uncomfortable my dogs are with ready to wear dog clothes because they are in between sizes. Yet, with clothes designed and fitted to their body, they are themselves. I love my dogs and since I am asking them to wear clothes, I still want them to have fun playing or napping in their favorite positions. Clothes should feel like a second skin to them." says Eva Girod, designer and founder of Wuf Couture.

With the opening of its online boutique, Wuf Couture also launched their 2012 Fall/Winter Collection and plans to release two collections every year. Dog owners can choose from a collection piece or a custom designed outfit can be created. Eva Girod works closely with the clients through every detail to create a signature look for their dog.

All garments are created in Wuf Couture's studio. Once the design details are determined, a personal pattern is drafted from the dog's body measurements. A toile or fitting garment is created to ensure fit and comfort for the dog. Once the fit is approved, the final couture garment is constructed. This in-house method gives Wuf Couture and their clients total control of creating a one of-a-kind couture outfit. Wuf Couture also documents every garment created to protect its originality.

Wuf Couture designer dog apparel is only available exclusively through their online boutique.

About Wuf Couture

Wuf Couture is a designer of couture custom fit dog clothes. Our focus is providing our clients worldwide an unique experience of acquiring dog clothes. Our human clients can express their dog's personality by creating a signature design style for their dog and appreciate the personal service. Our dog clients can enjoy wearing their couture clothes because of the custom fit and quality construction. Wuf Couture's mission is to create clothes that fit the dog, not the dog fit the clothes so they can still be themselves. For more details and inspiration, visit our site at http://www.wufcouture.com

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