CharityChoice Announces HonorCards for Donors to Send to Honorees - for Nearly 1000 Charities

/ are emailed to honorees. Over 20 occasions and 100 graphics to choose from. Birthday, Holiday, sympathy, thank you and more. Donations to nearly 1000 charities are available; over 250 major national charities and hundreds of local causes as well.

CharityChoice Gift Cards, a pioneer and leader in donation gifts, has launched emailed HonorCards for the use of donors to any of the charities on its menu of partner charitable organizations.

HonorCards are emailed to honorees. Over 20 occasions and 100 graphics to choose from. Birthday donations, Holiday donations, sympathy and thank you are among the occasions available; 20 in all. There is also an option to upload an image. Outstanding corporate branding and cause-affinity with uploading of the company logo.

Donations can be to one of over 250 major, well-known national charities or select from hundreds of local causes. Charities can apply online to be listed, and approval is usually within 24 hours. This offers charities an instant way to encourage donors, offering our whole functionality of charitable HonorCards with no need for the charity to install anything on their end. Every charity is provided a coded link to post for their donors, automatically pre-selecting their cause for the charity donation and to be noted upon the HonorCard. This allows donors and charities to utilize this CharityChoice service for this holiday season!

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