Seeks Venture Capital Funding Investment Opportunities launches in beta mode and is now seeking start-up investment from venture capital and angel investors

/, the unique real estate search site which launched in beta mode in November, is excited to announce it is seeking venture capital funding.

"The feedback we've received thus far on our beta launch has been incredibly positive," states Isaac Sandoval, CEO and Co-Founder ( "We knew our concept was solid when we developed the site; however, the outpouring of positive feedback and support we've received since the beta launch confirms to us that our concept is not only solid, but is also something the market desperately desires."

Unlike some of the other sites on the real estate landscape, the site creates two distinct experiences, one for home buyers and sellers and one for real estate agents and loan officers. The site marries the two experiences together in a robust, interactive platform. It's the interactive platform that makes unique among the others in the industry.

The RealtyPitch platform allows real estate agents and mortgage loan officers to create videos with personalized messages for consumers who are in the process of buying or selling a home. Through these videos, consumers can create a connection and start a relationship with a new agent or loan officer before they even step foot into an office.

"Having the opportunity to work with industry professionals and consumers in our target markets during the beta launch has provided the team with tons of valuable, real-life user experience information on how we can improve the site even more," says CPO and Co-Founder, Rebecca Scott ( "It's our ability to continually improve and quickly respond to these consumer and industry wants that will position as a market leader in the near future, making this such a positive start-up investment opportunity."

Offering an online real estate experience like no other, is a solid investment opportunity with an outstanding valuation. invites all interested parties to connect with them on AngelList ( and FindVenture (

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with venture capital funding and angel investment groups from across the country," says Isaac Sandoval, CEO and Co-Founder of ( "With their backing and guidance, we are positive that can truly change the way real estate is done online and create a unique, more personalized experience benefiting both consumers and real estate professionals."

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About, founded in 2012 by co-founders Isaac Sandoval and Rebecca Scott, is based on the core principle of creating an environment that is solely dedicated to making the home buying and selling process easier and more reliable for both consumers and real estate professionals. is rich in content and tools that make the home buying, selling and research process easier for consumers. The unique format allows real estate agents and loan officers the opportunity to connect with potential home buyers and sellers in a more personal manner.

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