Fancy Dress Costume Sales Soar For Australian Online Retailer

/ While recent reports have shown that Australian online retail lacks both enthusiasm and investment, there is one fancy dress costume e-retailer that is bucking the trend with continued growth from it's busiest ever Halloween, straight through to December.

Online retailer is leading the way when it comes to eCommerce by showing trends that not all Australian businesses are backwards at coming forward with making the most of the world wide web.

Earlier in the year, Smiffy's Australia launched their brand new eCommerce website from which they sell over 1,500 different costumes and fancy dress products ranging from Christmas costume items such as Santa and his Elfs to October favourites such as zombies and vamps. The new website and increased online marketing spend has pushed Smiffy's ahead of the competition to delivery a 1st class experience for the consumer.

Smiffy's AU web manager explains, "The customer comes first and foremost for any new web developments that take place. If it's not an improvement for the end-user experience, it's not a priority. This is what first and foremost continues to help push us forward and continue expanding; word of mouth via our customers".

This October saw Smiffy's AU have their best ever year for traffic and Halloween costume sales, but this major spike in seasonal traffic hasn't seen such a collapse going in to December. "Every year, the excitement around Halloween continues to grow in Australia - I think we thank this in part by US hit series, such as 'The Walking Dead', so it's really great to see the nation grows with their zombie interest, just as we increase and improve our country-wide reach".

"Having just completed our early bird Xmas sale, we've, to some surprise, noticed that the campaign has been more successful than we ever thought - we had managed to have a spike in traffic and sales for Halloween, but this Xmas sales push has helped motivate people to further spend on dress up over the festive period".

About Smiffy's Australia. The Smiffy's brand name has been around for more than 115 years, where it's origins started off in Gainsborough, UK as a wigmaker, Smiffy's is now a global leader in B2B fancy dress costumes & party accessory sales.

Now with an Australian consumer website, Smiffy's AU are looking to take the nation by storm with the latest in dress up fashion, with 1000s of items in stock, ranging from Christmas to Halloween, they're more than confident in meeting all consumer needs.

Media Contact:
John Cothill

PR courtesy Online PR Media.