The Martinez Law Firm Implements New Criminal Defense Tactic For DWI Cases

/ The Martinez Law Firm implemented new legal strategies and came up with the best sources to assist clients with their DWI cases. This particular firm was acknowledged as leading and most case winning law firm in Houston since the implementation of these techniques.

The Martinez Law Firm implemented new legal strategies and came up with the best sources to assist clients with their DWI cases. This particular firm was acknowledged as leading and most case winning law firm in Houston since the implementation of these techniques. Clients cannot afford to waste additional time before taking serious actions. The amount of time clients have before filing for an ALR hearing is limited to 15 calendar days and person need to act quickly. In order to meet all time accepted requirements and proceed with client's case without additional penalties, one needs to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Houston DWI lawyer and get case started through the procedural stages. The firm is always looking forward to evaluate cases and provide clients with firsthand information and an experienced overview of all steps clients will have to go through in court. Clients are encouraged to speak with firm representatives and regardless of the severity of their DWI charges, firm will find the right way to help with the effective legal help!

In order to achieve the best possible results in DWI case and fight off all alleged charges, the firm is prepared to take efficient and quick actions. As a standard procedure, a police officer administers a series of field sobriety tests, if the police officer has reasonable suspicion and can articulate all the facts leading towards the conclusion that they have apprehended a drunk driver. In case a driver fails to pass all the field sobriety tests successfully, driver might face various legal penalties including fines, license suspension and possible jail or prison time depending on the circumstances in the case.

In order to avoid harsh penalties and unpleasant circumstances associated with various legal consequences listed above, clients need to have strong legal defense and proper attorney representation in the courtroom. The Martinez Law Firm attorneys will make sure that clients are considered innocent until proven guilty. However, DWI laws are very strict and legal definitions are very precise when it comes to charging a person. Higher DWI charges are warranted when the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or higher, which can make the situation for a driver more complicated. There is always a chance to obtain effective legal counsel if potential clients check with Houston DWI attorney Herman Martinez. There are instances when drivers are charged with a misdemeanor if their BAC is 0.08 percent or higher if they are first time offenders. Hence, the main aim is to have charges dropped or reduced, and in order to do so, the driver needs strong legal defense. Regardless the case scenario and circumstances, this particular firm is always willing to work for drivers and has done so on numerous occasions. Furthermore, the firm is motivated to assemble the best possible defense strategy that fits the specifics of the case and achieves the best possible case results that is beneficial to all potential clients.

The Martinez Law Firm focuses on strong Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) defense and the major concern is to defend all clients who have issues evolving around this type of charges and offenses. The firm thrives and succeeds on lowering formal charges and dismissing various types of evidence. In order to combat scientific evidence and BAC results, the firm utilizes different legal strategies and gets the best results new and existing clients deserve. The firm and attorneys clearly understand that no two cases are alike and in every case, the firm uses specific legal defense tactics and case law citations to fight against multiple charges. Driving while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs is one specific arena where firm is prepared to help valuable clients.

Professional legal representation from the best Houston DWI lawyer Herman Martinez becomes absolutely crucial, and it is an important aspect of client's DWI case regardless of individual scenario and circumstances. A word of advice: Never plea guilty in courtroom without consulting with an experienced lawyer as this admission of guilt will impact outcome of DWI case. Martinez Law Firm has everything clients need to deal with all aspects of criminal law and considers it a top priority to defend clients regardless of the type of charges a person is dealing with. The firm will carefully evaluate various aspects and specific circumstances of client's case and will do everything to defend constitutional rights. The firm will offer clients legal services from the best attorneys who have knowledge and experience. They will look for all chances and opportunities to get existing and new clients back on track and even help person to obtain an occupational driver's license. For more information visit the law firm's website.

The Martinez Law Firm handles cases where drivers are operating their vehicles with suspended and/or revoked licenses, and these types of offenses carry serious penalties. The firm will work with client on an individual basis, whether it is first offense or if client has prior convictions and/or arrests.

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