Love Relationship Expert Lyndra Hearn Antonson is Interviewed on Top-Rated CBS Radio Station WZLX

/ Love relationship coach Lyndra Hearn Antonson has been interviewed about her inside-out approach to love on one of CBS' top-rated radio stations WZLX. Lyndra talks about proven and successful ways anyone can use to attract a Soul Mate using the Law of Attraction.

Thousands of radio listeners in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine heard an interview about love relationships with coach Lyndra Hearn Antonson who shared techniques for creating and sustaining an extraordinary love. Host Kimberley Jaeger interviewed Lyndra on the weekly Public Affairs program Common Ground. Antonson works with love relationship coaching clients primarily by phone in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Antonson shared her coaching philosophy which is an inside-out approach for assisting men, women and couples. "My mission is to help people recognize how lovable they are, so they can then create the best life and love relationship possible for themselves." She explained how people can sabotage themselves from having a good love relationship, and how responsibility for creating a fulfilled life begins inside each person. She emphasized that no matter what one's past has been or how many failures in love one has experienced, an individual can create an extraordinary and fulfilled love.

Antonson uses the nationally renowned Calling in The One coaching program to help men and women attract their soul mate, a romantic partner they can connect with deeply. Calling in The One coaching has helped thousands of people from all walks of life manifest a compatible and committed love relationship. During this fascinating interview about how to find an amazing love relationship, Antonson described how she's helped singles manifest their relationship dreams, and has helped couples create more intimacy and better communication to keep the spark alive long term. She says the key to a successful relationship is a love relationship with oneself - the foundation for manifesting everything that's good in life. She explained, "Giving out of obligation leads to resentment and anger. When we take care of ourselves first, we can give to others from a full cup."

Antonson shared how she also helps individuals create an extraordinary life and improve career, finances, fulfill family relationships and talents through her Extraordinary Life Coaching. In a new and revolutionary coaching approach authored by Calling in The One founder Katherine Woodward Thomas, Antonson helps couples successfully navigate the break-up process using Conscious Uncoupling Coaching. Antonson helps both parties navigate the choppy waters of separation without the baggage of resentment and negative emotions. Each party can leave the relationship and begin a new chapter in life with enthusiasm and feeling mutually supported. Antonson's coaching is a powerful process for personal transformation at any stage of life.

Love relationship success stories from Antonson's coaching clients and free love relationship tips are available on her Web site. She also offers a monthly e-newsletter and blog featuring relationship wisdom, stories and humor that includes a Happy Couple of the Month feature.

Antonson has 25 years of experience in the fields of psychotherapy and life coaching. She's a Certified Professional Life Coach, a certified Calling in The One coach and certified Conscious Uncoupling coach. A member of the International Coach Federation, she also serves on the Minnesota Coaches Association Board of Directors. More information is available at her Website

Love relationship coach Lyndra Hearn Antonson offers Calling in The One relationship coaching for individuals and groups, as well as Extraordinary Life Coaching and Conscious Uncoupling Coaching. She helps men, women and couples find and sustain the relationship of their dreams, transform a good relationship to great, create an extraordinary life, and successfully navigate a separation or divorce with a positive outcome for all concerned.

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