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Fed Requires Drug Manufacturers to Report Payments to Physicians

In the wake of drug firm scandals involving issues consumer safety, the federal government is implementing new rules to promote transparency in the study and promotion of pharmaceutical drugs.

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH, February 13, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The U.S. government has found itself playing too reactive of a role in regulating drug companies' controversial research and marketing efforts. Drug firms such as Johnson & Johnson have recently violated federal laws by illegally marketing their products.

In some instances, the government is able to eventually bring these drug manufacturers to justice, but not until their unscrupulous actions have already harmed the public. The Obama Administration has grown tired of playing a game of "catch up" with drug firms and is taking steps toward clamping down on the profit-motivated pharmaceutical industry.

This month, the feds will begin to require pharmaceutical firms to disclose all payments they make to doctors associated with their drug products. Drug companies pay physicians to study, research, consult on and speak about their products, but the financial aspect of this relationship leads physicians to be biased on the value of the drug, whether intentional or subconsciously.

Disclosing the money exchanged between drug companies and doctors creates a new layer of transparency in the drug development process, allowing the government to identify medical studies or promotional efforts that have been tainted by self interest. The reporting requirement may also make doctors more aware of their unintentional or purposeful biases, helping to prevent unsafe drugs from entering the market.

Unfortunately, some medications will inevitably be made available to consumers before their safety and effectiveness are adequately studied. Drugs such as Yaz birth control pills, Reglan, Fosamax and Raptiva have recently put millions of patients at risk of devastating and deadly side effects. The pharmaceutical industry is too big and rich for the government to wholly babysit. Consumer safety is the responsibility of drug firms, but they often make their decisions based on profits -- not on consumer safety.

If you or a loved one is seriously injured or killed by pharmaceutical drugs, you may have the right to recover monetary compensation in a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim. Contact an experienced drug recall lawyer to discuss your and your family's legal options for recovering damages.

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