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Saudi Arabia Now Has a New Option for Driver Training

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Virtual Driving Essentials™ education program teaches new drivers the critical skills essential to safe driving

Many countries struggle with high crash rates and search for practical and scalable solutions. Simulation training provides a thorough driver’s education in a safe and efficient manner.”
— Andre Luongo, VP of International Business Development at VDI
EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 9, 2017 / -- Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc. (VDI), the leading provider of simulation-based training solutions for commercial and education applications, today announced Virtual Driving Essentials (Virtual DE), is now available in Saudi Arabia. The program could not have come at a better time as Saudi Arabia is preparing for a wave of new drivers resulting from a recent, royal decree easing restrictions on female drivers.

Virtual DE is more than a driving simulator; it is a complete, self-paced driver training program for novice drivers. The program offers a robust curriculum that educates a driver on everything from basic driving skills to advanced topics, such as distracted driving. More importantly, Virtual DE provides an immersive learning experience that allows new drivers to practice critical driving skills in a safe environment, without being exposed too early to the dangers faced out on the road. This allows new drivers to get many hours of practice without even having access to a vehicle.

The software includes revolutionary new features, such as real-time violation tracking, pre and post assessment drives, and state of the art reporting systems. The knowledge and skills-based driver training program combines engaging curriculum with the finest available graphics and simulation technology. Virtual DE allows new drivers to learn from their mistakes in the virtual world rather than in the physical one.

Reporting and tracking are key components of the Virtual DE training program. Virtual DE includes Vision, a powerful reporting system, which provides a comprehensive look at both student and class level progress and performance. Vision provides the administrator of the school or training facility the ability to track each driver, view real-time reports and make assessments of the student’s readiness to drive. Vision provides confirmation that a student has mastered the skills necessary for safe driving.

VDI has successfully integrated Virtual DE into public and private driving schools, government organizations, and law enforcement facilities throughout the world. The program is available on a wide variety of hardware platforms from portable desktop units to full-size trainers, providing the flexibility to train tens, hundreds or even thousands of new drivers.

Virtual DE is the complete solution for driver education.

"Many countries struggle with high crash rates, and search for practical and scalable solutions,” said Andre Luongo, VP of International Business Development at Virtual Driver Interactive. “Simulation training offers such a unique opportunity to provide a thorough driver’s education in a safe and efficient manner."

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Virtual Driver Interactive is well known for its innovative simulation-based training. VDI offers highly portable, affordable and effective solutions. Titles include Virtual HD®, designed specifically for corporate fleets; One Simple Decision®, a deterrent to distracted or impaired driving; Virtual DE™, a driver training and assessment program teaching critical skills; and Boating Skills VT™, industry’s leading simulation-based boating safety program. VDI is a privately-held company headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California. For more information, please visit

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