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AdTector is the Gold Standard for Click Fraud Prevention and Protection

AdTector is a revolutionary service which protects Google advertisers from click fraud. With 99% success rate, will protect your online business.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2017 / -- AdTector is a revolutionary new software service which protects Google Adwords advertisers from click fraud. Its success rate is ninety-nine percent and it was designed by experts with years of experience and technical expertise.
If you want the gold standard of prevention and protection, you'll find that signing on for this service at the official website is a smart and cost-effective decision! Today, we'd like to showcase the value of Adtector by sharing information about its key features and benefits.
Before we begin, we'd like to let you know why click fraud is well worth worrying about!

Click Fraud Will Hurt Your Campaign

You want a good return on investment from your Google Adwords campaign. To ensure premium ROI, you must guard against click fraud.
As you may already know, competitors with shady ethics do tend to click on the ads of rivals manually in order to damage their campaigns. Also, competitors may utilize bots in order to drain the marketing budgets of rivals. This kind of malicious activity is all too common and it's possible to stop it with AdTector.

AdTector Features and Benefits

Click fraud prevention is out there and it's available at! Preventing click fraud will be as simple as signing up for this innovative and effective service today.
When you choose the world's best click fraud protection service, you'll access IP, User Agent and Device ID Monitoring which never quits. It will be active twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. AdTector will pinpoint the fraudulent IPs, user agents and device IDs via sophisticated algorithms. It's all about verifying legitimate activity and stopping the rest!
This software service will block clicks which are suspicious. It will also keep the bad guys from trying the same shady stuff in the future.
If you want to ensure that you're paying for real clicks, you'll love what this program offers. As well, it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you'll be able to try it without any risk. You may anticipate a clicks reduction of ninety percent. If you don't access this standard of assistance, you will be free to request a full refund.
When you sign up, you'll pay each month, via a subscription business model. You may cancel your subscription whenever you want to, without any hassles or headaches.
One of AdTector's clients has saved over $287,000 just by using this exceptional click fraud protection service! It really works and it definitely pays for itself in terms of delivering tangible, money-saving benefits, day in and day out!
Since the AdTector system updates automatically and clients receive reports straight to their dashboards, this system is also very simple to use and understand.

There is one more big perk to choosing AdTector. When you do sign on for the service, you'll be able to access a direct connection to the anti-fraud department at Google. As well, you'll gain access to detailed information reports. When it's time to ask Google for credits due to fraudulent clicks, you'll be able to process your request in no time flat.
The AdTector system will take care of the tough tasks for you, so it's simpler to get your cold, hard cash back!
As you can see, it is possible to stop Adwords Click Fraud. It all begins with choosing the globe's premier click fraud prevention system.
AdTector is popular because it fills a need. It helps entrepreneurs of all stripes, with online business of all sizes, to stop malicious clicks which would otherwise negatively impact their bottom lines.

How to Sign Up for

To serve the needs of clients from all walks of life, the team at AdTector offer three tiers of service. Choose a Basic package for only ninety-seven bucks per month, or go for a mid-range Pro package, which costs two hundred and forty-seven bucks a month. The highest tier of service is the Enterprise package, which costs four hundred and forty-seven dollars per month.
The official website lists the specifics for each package, so it will be simple to find the one which is perfect for your needs and budget. Once you select an appropriate AdTector package, you'll be ready to enjoy state-of-the-art click fraud prevention and protection.

Now that you understand the value of this cutting-edge click fraud prevention/protection service, why not invest in it today? You'll find that it save you so much money and helps you to access superb ROI from your Google Adwords campaign!

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