BridgeSTOR Announces Coronado FastLane, Accelerated File-Object Translation via Std NAS Protocol

All files will be saved in native object format, allowing immediate access by existing Cloud Applications

CARLSBAD, CA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2017 / -- BridgeSTOR, LLC, the company making cloud storage accessible, today announced the Coronado Fastlane, a NAS acceleration product for fast ingest of files for Cloud and Object Storage. Currently most Cloud ingest is done with Web Browsers or 3rd Party tools that copy files from disk to cloud objects. The Coronado FastLane is the first commercial product that allows users to ingest files of all sizes into Cloud/Object Storage. For the first time, users may easily drag and drop files to a local "f: drive" or Linux NFS mount point for seamless transfer of files to the Cloud. Coronado FastLane may be purchased for $4,995 and will ship on May 1, 2017. Coronado FastLane is the latest addition of BridgeSTOR Cloud Access Products that allow Cloud Storage to be viewed and accessed locally while Coronado Archive Access Points integrate elegantly into existing IT infrastructures replacing Windows or NAS Servers.

Coronado FastLane is delivered as an OVF or VHD virtual appliances compatible with VMware, Hyper-V, Virtual Box or Linux KVM.

"The Coronado FastLane product was designed as a low cost solution for fast ingest of files into Cloud Storage while not using proprietary object formats," says John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR, LLC. "Corporate users may now easily enter objects of all sizes into Cloud Storage by simply dragging and dropping files into a standard corporate f drive or Linux mount point."


BridgeSTOR, LLC, the Cloud Storage Access Company, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, near San Diego has created a Cloud Storage File System (CSFS™) to extend and enhance the usability and manageability of cloud storage, including Amazon S3™, and other cloud vendors by transforming complex and sophisticated object-based storage into traditional file-based storage accessible by standard Windows or Linux-based applications and management tools. BridgeSTOR strives to make cloud data access simple and affordable to organizations of all sizes.

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