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The Top Five Reasons to Become a Ben’s Barketplace Franchise Owner

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“We are not a pet food store. We are a nutritional consultation service that happens to be surrounded by the highest quality pet food in America.”

We are not a pet food store. We are a nutritional consultation service that happens to be surrounded by the highest quality pet food in America,”
— Brad Romero, Co-Founder of Ben’s Barketplace.

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 20, 2017 / -- The rising demand for superior pet care is exactly why Ben’s Barketplace decided to expand into the franchising industry. Their on a mission to set a new standard for pet health—by taking an individualized approach to determine each pets’ unique needs, Ben’s Barketplace is able to enhance their lives.

Ben’s Barketplace is taking its proven system to the next level. Demand is fueling its expansion. The brand is backed by a long list of competitive advantages including more than $1.3 million in annual store sales in 2016 and a 15% year-over-year store growth for the past 3 years!* Here are the top five reasons to become a Ben’s Barketplace franchisee.

1. Unique in the Industry

By taking a nutrition-based approach to pet care, Ben’s Barketplace is the innovator within the industry. “We are not a pet food store. We are a nutritional consultation service that happens to be surrounded by the highest quality pet food in America,” said Brad Romero, co-founder of Ben’s Barketplace.

“The consultation service is free, the pet food costs money. When folks are ready to help their pet lead a normal life free from scratching and licking their paws, without medicines and overpriced, inferior quality prescription foods, you've come to the right place.” We conduct consultations with every pet parent. Helping owners determine the best diet, including raw food for their pets. “Cat’s and dog’s diets are remarkably similar, and easy to understand if you know what to look for. Duplicating our consultation skills is a key component to our brand and easily achieved,” said Romero. As a retired state law enforcement K9 trainer and handler, he knows what it takes to achieve their ultimate health.

“We’re changing the game in the pet care industry. People are more concerned with their pets’ nutrition than in the past, and we have the expertise to ensure the best possible diet for them,” said Romero. “That’s something that’s completely unique about our brand. We effectively change these pets’ lives through diet, rather than the vet’s shotgun approach with their traditional symptom masking medications.

2. Wide Open Opportunities Across the Country

Because Ben’s Barketplace is at the beginning of its franchising journey, there’s unlimited room for entrepreneurs to grow alongside the brand. Based in California, Ben’s Barketplace is launching locations across the country.

3. Franchisees Gain a Proven System

A support team is in place that will guide owners throughout the entire process, including comprehensive and ongoing training. Ben’s Barketplace has a simple business model that’s already proven to be successful.

“Whether you’re looking to open one or multiple units, Ben’s will work for you. “As a franchisor, our top priority is providing our franchisees with the tools and resources that they need to succeed. We’ve proven that the Ben’s Barketplace business model works, and we’re looking forward to replicating it in new communities.”

4. The Franchise Model

Ben’s Barketplace business ownership is incredibly affordable. Costs for franchisees fall between $189,800 and $352,050, including a flat franchise fee of $45,000 and an industry low of 3% royalties making it even more accessible as it launches its franchising opportunity.

5. A Strong Reputation

Aspiring business owners are recognizing the potential behind Ben’s Barketplace. Pet owners are looking for a nutritionally focused pet store in their neighborhood, rather than the big box. With strong testimonials from customers, Ben’s Barketplace has earned an overwhelming reputation. Ben’s Barketplace achieved a top rating by For the second consecutive year, the brand earned an “A” grade for its business model. One of the franchising industry’s leading resources is recommending the brand for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“We’re eager to work with franchisees who share our passion for improving the lives of pets, and we’re looking forward to sharing our healthy pet opportunity.” For more information, visit

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Dan Durney, CFE
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*As disclosed in our 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document


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