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TBI Gala Invites Denver Community to Join Forces in Healing Brain Damage

This chart shows brain damage can be reversed with a new treatment from Neuro-Laser Foundation.

The non-profit Neuro-Laser Foundation has published five studies in the last 18 months showing the efficacy of the new treatment. Using brain SPECT scans, this chart shows increased circulation among previously damaged areas.

TBI GALA, hosted by Neuro-Laser Foundation, will raise funds and awareness for a promising new treatment for the "untreatable" epidemic: TBI.

Dr. Theodore Henderson invites Denver to help fund research that will tackle TBI with a new non-invasive, painless treatment.

Ticket sales soar for Neuro-Laser Foundation’s brain-tickling event that will pave the future of treating traumatic brain injury, aid veterans, first-responders

DENVER, CO, USA, March 20, 2017 / -- The Neuro-Laser Foundation invites the Denver community to the TBI GALA, a fundraising celebration designed to tickle the brain and senses on April 30, 5-10 p.m. at the Inverness Hotel & Conference Center in Denver. Tax-deductible donations from the event will support a pivotal study of a new treatment that has been shown to repair brain damage from traumatic brain injury (TBI).

“Virtually everyone knows someone who has been affected by concussion or TBI,” said Theodore Henderson, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder of the non-profit Neuro-Laser Foundation. “For those who have experienced it first-hand, TBI is a life-changer. All the things that were once easy are now difficult. Memory, emotional control, sleep, and the ability to think suddenly have slipped away. They are replaced with depression, headaches, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, moodiness, rage, and even suicidal ideation. Often, those with TBI are told there is no treatment that can improve their situation – what a hopeless message to receive.”

But Dr. Henderson says there is hope and successful treatment for the millions of distraught and disappointed people who live with TBI.

“Our clinical and lab research has shown all the patients using our FDA approved, patent-pending, non-invasive and painless treatment are improving dramatically,” said Dr. Henderson, who along with Dr. Larry Morries have published five studies in the last 18 months showing the efficacy of the treatment. “The pivotal next step is a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that will pave the way for this treatment to be widely available.”

Dr. Henderson said he hopes “Denver could become known for tackling TBI” by participating in the TBI GALA. Buy tickets here. If you would like to get help for you or someone you love with a TBI or have more questions, go to or call (720) 493-1101.

The spectacular Inverness Hotel will serve as the backdrop with fine dining for an evening featuring a variety of entertainment to amuse and enlighten. Comedian Samuel Adams will serve as Master of Ceremony, patients will share the impact of this revolutionary treatment on their concussion/TBI, and guest speaker and Super Bowl champion running back Reuben Droughns will examine concussion in the NFL. The senses will be tickled with a fun wrap-up for the evening with the delightful sounds of LIVE music and dancing, with Neil Bridge 7+, featuring vocalist Karen Lee, playing Latin Jazz, Jazz Funk, Swing, and Ballroom music. The hotel is offering special room rates for those who get tickets before March 31.

Additionally, Colorado artist Pam Spika headlines a silent auction offering a new original painting, along with art pieces, weekend getaways, collectables, and sports memorabilia.

With March being Brain Injury Awareness Month, Dr. Henderson published a video outlining the science behind the new TBI treatment that stimulates brain restoration processes and is one of the hottest topics in neuroscience today.

The Neuro-Laser Foundation is a 501c(3) organization based in Denver, CO, spearheading research and treatment for traumatic brain injury, while subsidizing treatment for qualifying Veterans and First-Responders. Learn more at


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The Future of TBI Treatment