Cuomo’s Justice Center Likened to Organized Crime

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Crimes, fraud surrounding massive amounts of money and staggering numbers of deaths is not about Justice, it represents organized crime

This is how Cuomo’s Justice Center disposes of almost all criminally negligent deaths of people with disabilities; they keep almost all from County Medical Examiners and Coroners.”
— Michael Carey

DELMAR, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2017 / -- On the 10th anniversary of the killing of an innocent disabled child named Jonathan Carey who had autism, the Cuomo administration attempts to defend their discriminatory and deadly practices of bypassing 911 emergency call systems and their practices of internally investigating crimes and deaths .
The facts are the facts and the wrongfully titled Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs (Justice Center) is covering-up or aiding in the cover-ups of most reported physical and sexual assault crimes and criminally negligent deaths numbering in the many thousands. The Cuomo administration is artful and crafty in its attempt to spin truths and deceive people in attempts to protect their illegal practices, but their own documents, written reports, statements only further indict and expose the State and federal crimes they are committing.
When New York State’s mental health care system is purposefully set up to deceive practically everyone and defraud the federal government, what must the State of New York and Governor Cuomo do to keep the billions of federal tax dollars flowing? The answer is simple; they must cover-up their illegal actions and hide the damages from the Office of Medicaid Inspector General. This is not about justice, but primarily about protecting themselves from criminal investigations, indictment and ultimately federal prison.
As someone who knows, let me explain how this system of white collar organized crime works. In the Bible it says, “For the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). So let’s follow the money and the evil. New York State receives many billions of dollars annually from the federal government for its mental health care system, yet federal law requires this money only to go to programs that provide safe care and services that are free from abuse and neglect. In New York State most of the money is not used to provide safe care for the disabled that is free from abuse and neglect, but the exact opposite, as represented in over 7,000 calls going into Governor Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse hotline every month. Massive amounts of federal money is supposed to be used to have in place safety and abuse prevention measures to protect the disabled, but hardly any of the most basic safety measures exist. So what is the money being used for, most is used to enrich politically connected individuals and entities instead of for providing the proper care of our most vulnerable. This is a nasty and deadly criminal enterprise, set up to financially exploit or use the disabled instead of providing them excellent and safe care and services. To protect the “coherent oversight scheme” and “carefully cultivated understanding” in the State’s own words or criminal conspiracy or in my words the “criminal enterprise” and “organized crime” the severe damages and deaths must be covered-up and to do it under the guise of a deceptive State agency called the “Justice Center.” What Governor Cuomo, Clarence Sundram and many other individuals and entities involved in this fraudulent Medicaid Ponzi Sheme for many years now have been getting away with has hardly anything to do with justice, but instead fraud, a criminal conspiracy and corruption. To give an appearance that they are doing something to protect the disabled they must sporadically throw some of the mostly lower level criminals under the bus, with the assurance for the criminals that their crimes will be plea bargained down to almost nothing with no jail time. This is how Cuomo’s Justice Center disposes of almost all criminally negligent deaths of people with disabilities; they keep almost all from County Medical Examiners and Coroners. How do they get away with this you may ask yourself? They control everything, there is no genuine independent oversight, they are a law unto themselves, they do whatever they want, they are lawless and they think they can get away with it.
As the Founder of the Jonathan Carey Foundation I cannot be silent, but I must shout it from the roof tops that these horrific crimes and this massive fraudulent Medicaid Ponzi Scheme must be brought down. The numbers do not lie, astronomical numbers of deaths of people with disabilities are occurring every month in New York State’s extremely dangerous and deadly mental health care system. The system is unsafe. Information and numbers of deaths obtained through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) on State documents reveal that upwards of 11-12 deaths are reported on average daily in New York State, this is outrageous. Many of these deaths are innocent children and adults dying extremely young with no diagnosed terminal illness and Governor Cuomo’s organization is keeping most from ever being reported to County elected District Attorney’s or County Medical Examiners or Coroners according to County records. There is only one reason for these illegal practices and that is to be able to successfully cover-up most of the criminally negligent deaths. The acting Executive Director of Cuomo’s Justice Center, Jay Kiyonaga, is directing State and provider agencies that are providing the unsafe care and services to investigate the deaths occurring within their own facilities . There cannot be a greater conflict of interest and these practices are illegal.
Thousands of reported physical and sexual assault crimes are never criminally investigated and are covered-up annually by Governor Cuomo’s what I am now going to rightfully name it “The Unjust Center.” The spin or lie and attempt by this fraudulent and corrupt State agency to claim everything is investigated, as you can see for yourselves in the story above, does not say they investigate or the police investigates, by they try to give the appearance they do. Was not organized crime as pictured in the movies all about stealing money, offering protection, crime and death? Does what I have explained seem like a Justice Center or organized crime? You can decide for yourselves. I will end this press release with a few additional facts to help you make your own conclusions and your own decision. First, why would the 911 emergency call systems be purposefully bypassed for most crimes, medical emergencies, significant injuries and deaths of people with disabilities living outside of their families’ residence? Could it be by circumventing all local authorities in place to protect everyone else in society is to hide and conceal these horrific crimes? Why is the prosecution rate for the general population between 60-70% and less than 1% for the disabled living in State and private residential care facilities and group homes? How is it that over 15,000 deaths have been reported to Cuomo’s organization and to my knowledge only one prosecution? How is it that almost all reported sexual assault and rapes of people with developmental disabilities and people with mental illness simply disappear internally and are never prosecuted? And finally, how can New York State and Governor Cuomo continue to get away with what they are doing since they were exposed by the New York Times “Abused & Used” award winning massive investigative reporting series, which was a runner up for a Pulitzer Prize that came out throughout 2011?
People with disabilities like my precious son Jonathan are priceless and precious people and no longer can they be treated unequally as sub-human beings and deemed unworthy of 911 emergency medical and police assistance and services or denied their constitutional right to “equal protection of laws.” Governor Cuomo claimed that “I am disabled” recently in a CBS News story pretending that he fights for everyone’s rights including the disabled, but nothing could be further from the truth regarding the disabled. Governor Cuomo has shunned the disabled; he has ensured that the wide-scale discrimination that jeopardizes their safety, health and lives continues and that most crimes and deaths of these precious individuals are covered-up. Federal authorities must intervene swiftly to shut down Governor Cuomo’s well organized criminal enterprise and hold him and many others involved accountable to the full extent of the law. Due to the staggering scope of deaths and crimes being covered-up regularly, it is believed, that what is going on is not only likened to organized crime, but it also resembles war crimes.

Michael Carey
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers