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Developers at KDG Help Medical Solutions Company Launch Security-Tight Management Software

When MedTech For Solutions wanted a new lab management software, they turned to tech experts KDG for help.

The team...took a very complicated project that they knew nothing about, took full ownership of it, and developed a very user friendly system for our staff and clients to use.
— Dwight P. Ryan, President and CEO of MedTech For Solutions
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2017 / -- When MedTech For Solutions (“MedTech”), a medical solutions provider specializing in the IVF industry, wanted to move forward with a new software for patient records, KDG was chosen for the project. For over 15 years, KDG has helped healthcare organizations, large and small, to develop secure, scalable, and robust applications to meet the needs of patients, practitioners, and administrators alike.

“This project presented many of the same challenges that other security-minded applications face; mainly that there has to be a happy balance between ease of use and continued high security,” explained Robert Sweeney, Software Development Lead at KDG.

The new application, OvaProducts, uses the power of Google Cloud not only to assist in scaling the application, but also to deliver a lightning-fast user experience. With the potential for tens of millions of data points being calculated on the fly, big data planning and analysis was key to the success of the application.

Functionality was only one piece of the puzzle. The other was the useability of the application. “When you are working in any precision-driven industry, a poor user interface can dramatically impact the accuracy of data,” remarked KDG CEO, Kyle David.

OvaProducts was designed to be familiar for users in the IVF industry and therefore simple to navigate. As a result, OvaProducts, is able to combine MedTech For Solutions decades of experience in the IVF industry with KDG’s decades of experience in developing complex software with well-designed user interfaces.

“The team of Robert and Zach took a very complicated project that they knew nothing about, took full ownership of it, and developed a very user friendly system for our staff and clients to use,” stated Dwight P. Ryan, President and CEO of MedTech For Solutions.

Fully HIPAA compliant, OvaProducts guards patient info with two-step verification and encryption. However, medical professionals are able to access records quickly in a system that balances security and usability.

OvaProducts also offers several usability features that make gathering, recording, and analyzing patient data effortless. Not only are patients’ medical records readily available and easily filtered, patients’ IVF cycles and supplies used are also kept on record and can be exported as Excel and CSV spreadsheets for simpler evaluation.

“The entire experience of working with KDG and the team was flawless in developing our new software platform,” Dwight continued. “We are very happy to have worked with KDG and have our next project already started with the team.”

The OvaProducts lab management software makes it easier for MedTech to provide the solutions IVF practices need in order to improve treatment methods and patient care. To learn more about KDG’s custom software for MedTech, check out the company’s exclusive case study:

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