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KDG Outlines Three Ways Colleges Can Send Better Emails to Alumni

KDG, leading provider of web development for higher education, presents a list of the three things colleges can do to send more engaging emails to alumni.

The connection between colleges and their alumni is one that is vital to the continued success of the institution.
— Kyle David, CEO
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2017 / -- KDG has released a new report in an effort to help colleges and universities around the country increase their alumni engagement through better email communications. The report was published on the company’s newest blog dedicated entirely to issues and solutions facing the higher education industry (the company’s blog can be found here:

“The connection between colleges and their alumni is one that is vital to the continued success of the institution,” explains Kyle David, CEO of KDG. “Emails are the primary means of maintaining this relationship.”

However, in order for this bond to grow stronger, for this connection to thrive, and for these emails to not end up in the trash folder, they have to effectively connect with alumni. For over 15 years, KDG has worked with higher educational institutions in order to help them increase alumni engagement. The company, who is also the creator behind the higher education marketing tool ReachBright, used this experience to gather the most common mistakes it sees in alumni communications.

“Alumni want to be proud of their school,” David explains. “But in their communications, schools are failing to give alumni that pride point that will make them say ‘This is my alma mater.’ This goes hand-in-hand with donating,” he continues. “Alumni will donate more to a school that is doing well and making them proud.”

Another topic KDG hit on were segmented and targeted emails.The company explains that when colleges send personalized emails to students based on their web browsing behavior, those schools see an increase in engagement. KDG knows much about the benefits of targeted emails thanks to its product ReachBright. ReachBright is one of the only marketing automation tools that analyzes an alumni’s web and email activity in order to define these interests and behaviors.

“ReachBright makes it possible to tag alumni based on their interests and send them targeted communications,” explains David. “When alumni see emails that interest them, they are more likely to open them and get engaged because the school has their needs in mind.”

A cohesive relationship between social media and emails was the final piece of advice KDG gave colleges and universities. In the digital age, it is important that all modes of communication be integrated. This cohesiveness helps reach different audiences and fosters more conversations.

More information and the report in full can be found on KDG’s blog:

About KDG: KDG (formerly the Kyle David Group) is a leading provider of web development for higher education. With over 15 years of experience in using technology to help education clients improve their enrollment, campus climate, and alumni participation through higher education website design, crowdfunding, and enrollment management, KDG has developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing market. Learn more at

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