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Advocacy Group Calls For Special Counsel To Prosecute Russian Election Hacking

Who is really in the Oval Office.

Demands Prosecution Of Both Foreign And Domestic Actors Involved In Hacking Of 2016 Election

RussiaCyberGate, is asking the Attorney General to order the prosecution of all criminal actors, both foreign and domestic, involved in the Russian hacking of the 2016 election.
— RussiaCyberGate
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2017 / -- The unthinkable has occurred—a President Elect conspired and collaborated with Russia, a hostile foreign power, to win his election using a multifaceted array of unethical and criminal means. This went far beyond the normal brass knuckles tactics of a political operation, crossing into an intentional criminal operation. Therefore, this must be dealt with through the criminal justice system.

RussiaCyberGate, a campaign launched by good government advocates, is asking the Attorney General to appoint a “Special Counsel” to immediately launch a criminal investigation to pursue criminal prosecution against all criminal actors, both foreign and domestic, involved in the Russian hacking of the 2016 election.

At this point, there is no need to rehash the evidence already presented by U.S. intelligence services regarding the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the state election systems, the transfer of that purloined data from Russian hackers to Wikileaks, the creation and dissemination by Russia of fake news derived from the hacked data, and the conclusions that these were done to elect Donald Trump, harm Hillary Clinton and undermine our democracy. This conduct violates a veritable smorgasbord of federal criminal statutes including the Patriot Act, RICO, computer crimes, fraud, identity theft, conspiracy and aiding and abetting.

Although it is now well established what the Russians did with regard to the election, no federal officials have yet made any formal announcement of how Donald Trump and his campaign acted in concert with the Russians to commit these criminal acts. This must be vigorously explored in the criminal investigation. It is clear that the Russians did not act in a vacuum or without the cooperation of Team Trump. For example, it was reported last week that British intelligence picked up incriminating phone and email communications between Team Trump and the Russians during the election, and passed that information on the FBI. Both Trump and members of his team, including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, discussed leaks from Wikileaks prior to them happening or communicated with the Russians. We know that Manafort worked for serial election rigger Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine from 2004 through 2014 before being tapped by Trump to run his campaign. We know that Yanukovich used hacking, changed the votes on central tabulators, and paid millions in secret bribes to “win” his elections, all with the help of Manafort.

Almost 50 years ago, President Nixon committed crimes to help him win an election. His team was caught, which resulted in criminal prosecutions that reached into the Oval Office. And now, Donald Trump and his team committed even more egregious crimes, in cooperation with a hostile foreign power, to win an election. America needs to face this threat to our democracy as we did in l972, by invoking the criminal process to hold those accountable who committed the crimes. History will be kind to us for doing so. The Attorney General must now act decisively.

Russia Cyber Gate
Tom Sanderson
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