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Magician's Magician Releases New Book of Secrets

Magica III Gems from the Repertoire


The third and final book in the Magica series and the seventh by Barnowsky "Magica III Gems from the Repertoire" is now in print.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, December 22, 2016 / -- Whether you know it or not, your favorite magicians from all around the world perform Larry Barnowsky's original magic. He is the secret source of magic routines and tricks that you have admired from the audience. The third and final book in the Magica series and the seventh by Barnowsky is titled "Magica III – Gems from the Repertoire".

Whether you are a professional magician, serious amateur, or occasional hobbyist, you'll find a treasure trove of magical effects which you'll want to add to your own repertoire. And for those who don't perform but enjoy learning the secrets, the sleight of hand mechanics, and the inner workings of original magic apparatus, there is a wealth of proprietary material which is being released for the first time. You'll discover a large variety of magic using cards, coins, balls, bills, sponge balls, and unique apparatus.

Barnowsky's most guarded secrets are finally revealed to serious amateurs and professional magicians alike. His poetic Hat Trick makes balls appear and disappear before their eyes all from an empty baseball cap; and this is one hat trick where the magic rabbit can take a break. With the Time Tunnel, silver coins pass through into another dimension through a wooden Time Tunnel and visibly penetrate through solid matter defying the laws of physics. In Magician vs. Card Mechanic, a betting contest is played out where the magician is able to not only cut to four queens from a shuffled deck, but each queen disappears and winds up in three of the magician's pockets and inside his wallet. Those routines comprise only three of the twenty-three secret-filled chapters.

The book contains 315 color photos along with step-by-step teaching instructions on glossy paper and is coil bound for easy study. Only 150 copies have been printed and each one is numbered. In all, there are twenty-three chapters, each containing an original effect and a detailed script with all sleights and moves required.

A diagnostic and interventional radiologist at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, N.Y., Dr. Barnowsky says, "Magic, and medicine all have their hidden surprises. Magica III Gems from the Repertoire surprises its readers with new takes on ageless secrets."

Barnowsky's other magic books, Magica Analytica, Magica Analytica II, Counting on Deception, The Book of Destiny, Kingdom of the Red, and 21st Century Coin Mechanics, present his earlier effects and the unique magical apparatus that he invented. Barnowsky was 11 years old when he discovered his grandfather's trunk of magic apparatus in his attic, and for more than fifty years since, he has been performing and creating magic effects and teaching generations of magicians through his books.

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