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#ServingHopeLV Teams Up with One Warm Coat to Provide 287 Gently Used Coats to Less Fortunate in Las Vegas

Vegas's dropping temperatures and winter winds are unforgiving to those who do not have somewhere warm to go home. #ServingHopeLV helped raise 287 used coats.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2016 / -- When Prima Medical Institute approached #ServingHopeLV about teaming up with national non-profit One Warm Coat to resource gently worn coats for the people of Las Vegas who would be spending the winter sleeping on the streets, #ServingHopeLV’s founder, Siloh Moses, knew that there was only one answer: a resounding “yes”. #ServingHopeLV serves the homeless, unemployed, and under-employed of Las Vegas by providing meals and participating in other charitable activities, like their recent backpack drive for a Title I elementary school, so raising coats to prepare for the coming winter fit in perfectly with the mission that drives #ServingHopeLV’s impressive volunteer corp.

While many people may think of Las Vegas as a warm vacation destination, the temperatures in the winter can be less-than-hospitable, and, when the low temperature is compounded with the ferocious winds, the combination can be downright brutal, especially for people who don’t have somewhere warm to go home. With approximately 35,000 people living on the streets of Las Vegas, winter coats are in high-demand.

Moses, himself, knows how much of an impact something as simple as a warm coat or a hot meal can make in someone’s life. Just a few years ago, he, too, was living on the streets of Las Vegas, where he experienced the winter’s unforgiving winds and the summer’s unrelenting heat, making the mission one that was very personal to him.

#ServingHopeLV was able to tap into their strong social media networks that have powered their own successes in feeding the Las Vegas community to raise gently worn winter coats. Their contribution led to the successful collection of 287 gently used coats.

Moses says, “This is a time when the temperatures in Las Vegas drop dramatically, and those who have to sleep outside in the elements do not have access to gently used coats that can keep them warm in a desperate time of need. Our mission is that no one person ever goes hungry, and, just like hot food, coats go hand-in-hand with keeping them warm after we've served them a hot meal.”

Moses concludes, “The people at Prima Medical Institute and One Warm Coat helped us to serve are people who live without the most basic protection from the elements. Helping raise coats to prepare for the winter was just the beginning. We hope to help them in a more permanent way, and, after getting 100 people off the streets and into permanent housing in 2016, our goal is to get 6,000 people into permanent housing in 2017.”


#ServingHopeLV is a completely independent grassroots community give-back organization dedicated to eliminating homelessness and poverty in the Vegas Valley through giftivism—genuine acts of kindness so radical that they spark change in not just ourselves, but the world, as well. Last year, alone, #ServingHopeLV gave away 64,000 individual meals to those who couldn’t afford one, had over 5,000 volunteers join them in their cause, and saved 100 lives from homelessness by placing them into permanent housing.

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