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Mother and daughter team change giving with do-good and feel-good app for everyday

Mother and daughter co-founders

Sustainably were selected for the Web Summit Alpha start-up programme

Sustainably integrates giving to charity and ‘feel good’ updates in real time by connecting an app with consumers’ cashless transactions every time they shop.

“It’s like a cross between Acorns Investing and Pokemon Go for giving.”
— Mary Harper, Consumer
EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM, November 29, 2016 / -- Sustainably, a technology for social good company, based in Edinburgh, voted the most entrepreneurial city in the UK, and established in 2015 by a mother and daughter team, Loral and Eishel Quinn, is launching an app designed to inspire sustainable living and giving.

It integrates giving to good causes and ‘feel good’ updates in real time by connecting an app with consumers’ cashless transactions every time you shop.

Busy shoppers have the convenience of automatically rounding-up cashless transactions to the nearest pound or dollar in real time and giving the spare change to their chosen charities, and they can see their impact instantly in their app.

The consumer gets to make a positive change in their world automatically every time they shop. But on top of that business can offer employer and retailer match donations as a real time corporate social responsibility platform.

It creates a feel good factor to inspire and connect individuals with great causes in real time through its real time giving updates.

“It’s like a cross between Acorns Investing and Pokemon Go for giving.” Mary Harper, Consumer

“If it was available now I’d use it today.” Rebecca Curtis-Moss, Fundraising and Charity Communications Specialist

“Incredibly impressive. Simple and brilliant.” Kent MacKenzie, Director, Deloitte

It offers a new way of communication between charity and donor by connecting the individual direct to the direct consequence of their donation in real time.

By understanding the impact and the difference the individual can make to the world around them, it creates trust in the charities people are donating to.

Sustainably aims to transform the charity sector enabling it to create a bigger impact by improving levels of trust and transparency, so individuals are able to donate on their terms, privately and anonymously, with complete control.

Unlike other forms of giving, they can pause the donation instantly in an app, and no unwanted direct mail, phone calls or texts.

Part of a growing trend for increased trust and transparency in the charity sector and a desire from individuals who want more ethics and social responsibility, it appeals to socially conscious consumers and businesses as a real time platform for social responsibility.

Loral Quinn, CEO and co-Founder of Sustainably explains: "Our mantra is 'get some, give some'. Our vision is to create a Tom's Shoes, but for everything you buy, every day. We believe that making giving back fun, rewarding, engaging and part of daily life will encourage people to live more consciously and give more. We are part of a community of change-makers who want to make a difference to our world every day, be inspired and connected with like-minded people around us and have an impact just by living our busy lives."

Sustainably, is already working with national and local charities about to start their beta test.

“At a time when fundraising is being publicly challenged about pressuring donors for support, Children in Crisis welcome this opportunity for our supporters to take control over their giving.”
Chris Williams, Fundraising and Communication Director, Children in Crisis.

Sustainably offers connecting the users' credit or debit card to the Sustainably app and automatically rounding up on their behalf whenever they use their cards or connected devices and distribute the spare change to their good causes, as well as instant happiness which allows users to give instantly if they see something that inspires them, without giving out their personal details.

Sustainably is launching early in the new year and is currently running a pre-launch campaign on IndieGogo.


About Sustainably:
Sustainably is a technology for social good company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and co-founded by Loral and Eishel Quinn, to help socially conscious consumers and businesses change the world every time they shop by rounding up cashless transactions in real time and giving their spare change direct to the causes of their choice.

Founder biographies:
Loral Quinn, CEO - award winning, ex-head of digital marketing and strategy for a FTSE100 global investment company, who wanted to take her skills for digital and scaling business and combine it with her passion for changing the world.

Eishel Quinn, Creative Director - has a background in organic retail and is the eco-warrior and driving force behind the Sustainably brand and ecosystem.

Sustainably joined the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator in Edinburgh in February. In March they were selected by Business Gateway for their Gateway to Investment programme. In April they won the Edinburgh fintech hackathon judged by Deloitte, The Data Lab and The Infinite Kind, were selected by the Entiq team who created Innovate Finance and Level39 to join their Fin4Fem programme designed for high growth female founders, and by WeAreTheFuture to attend their Silicon Valley programme. In August they were selected by Scottish Enterprise High Growth Venture Unit for their StartGlobal programme, to help bring their product to market internationally. In October, they were selected for WebSummit Alpha in Lisbon in November. They have a high profile range of advisors and mentors who have helped them during this time including Lesley Eccles, co-Founder of Fanduel; Gavin Littlejohn, Director and non-exec Chairman, Financial Data & Technology Association; Jackie Waring, CEO and Founder, Investing Women; Julia Streets, Founder and CEO, Streets Consulting; Bruce Walker, Founder and CEO, WeAreTheFuture; David Armour, Partner, Crofthead Partners.

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