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Neo4j* vs OrientDB Webinar - Finding the Best Graph Database

Join our free “Neo4j vs OrientDB” webinar and learn how OrientDB, provides a feature-rich open source offer and a robust yet affordable set of Enterprise tools.

Our goal is to spur innovation by making Graph Database technology accessible to a wider market. With a Graph engine and Document capabilities, OrientDB is equipped to handle virtually any use case.
— Luca Garulli - OrientDB Founder & CEO
LONDON CITY, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 23, 2016 / -- Selecting the right graph database to power your application is no easy task. Competitors such as Neo4j offer pricey licensing models with a limited array of features for their Community Editions. While OrientDB and Neo4j are both Native Graph databases, OrientDB evolved the basic Graph Database model by creating the Multi-Model concept: a more flexible way to represent complex domains based on the graph model, but enriched with documents, objects, key-values, spatial and full-text data. All these models are managed by the OrientDB’s core (This is different from other DBMS’s that add layers for additional models, resulting in decreased performance).

OrientDB can be used as a pure Graph Database (as a drop in replacement for Neo4j if you used the TinkerPop standard) or as a Multi-Model, avoiding using multiple database types for the same application (Polyglot Persistence).

So join us in our free “Neo4j vs OrientDB” on December 7th, 2016 and learn how OrientDB, a 2nd generation multi-model database, provides a feature-rich open source offer as well as a robust set of Enterprise tools.

During this webinar we will go through:

1) An overview of OrientDB Community and Enterprise offerings.

2) Advantages of OrientDB over Neo4j, including:
- How a more permissive license can help you embed OrientDB into your applications.

- How to solve the disadvantages of polyglot persistence with a multi-model database and how to benefit from the wider set of features Included in OrientDB.

- Benefits of a more feature-rich OrientDB Community Edition, which includes features only provided by Neo4j in its Enterprise Edition such as High Availability, Existence Constraints and more.

- Resolving Neo4j’s lack of multi-tenancy.

- Approaching Neo4j’s lack of disk space re-use in case of massive graph deletion and recreation.

- Disadvantages of Neo4j’s lack of User and Role management.

- Get OrientDB at a fraction of Neo4j’s cost and benefit from OrientDB’s straightforward and transparent pricing model.

3) Introduce our new Neo4j to OrientDB Importer and explain how easy it is to migrate your data from Neo4j to OrientDB.

This webinar will include a live demo session and a bonus “OrientDB for Neo4j Users” section, where we will map Neo4j concepts and terminology to corresponding OrientDB terms, helping you get up and running with OrientDB faster and more efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our webinar and discover the advantages of OrientDB over Neo4j.

When: December 7th, 2016 @ 10:am PST

Where: Webinar hosted by

Hoping you'll join us this December 7th,

Paolo Puccini
+44 020 3397 1350
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