Special Promotion on Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive from Gourmet Living

2016 Tuscan Olives being Harvested

Gourmet Living's acclaimed extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany is now on Sale for a short time only. Experience the incomparable taste of Italian olive oil.

Experience the distinctive taste of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil at a special discounted price”
— Sheila May

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Gourmet Living is proud to announce its "pre-Black Friday sale" of its extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany. This classic Italian blend consists of the 3 main olive varieties from Tuscany: Frantoio (50%), Moraiolo (30%) and Leccino (approximately 20%).

Harvested last year from the rolling hills of Tuscany just south of Florence, this IGP certified extra virgin olive oil was introduced to the American market in the spring and is currently sold on Amazon.

Says co-owner Sheila May, "this is a great way to sample an authentic extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany at a greatly discounted price. Americans can new taste the difference of a quality olive oil. Sadly, many brands sold commercially mislabel their products and often use inferior blends of oils of uncertain age and origin."

A Tuscan EVOO is generally used to flavor salads, pasta and fresh and roasted vegetables. A well-balanced and tasty olive oil complements the flavors of other food ingredients.

This flavorful extra virgin olive oil (“EVOO”) was harvested in late 2015 and will easily last through December, 2017 if unopened. Once olive oil is opened and exposed to the elements, it should be consumed within 6 months.

All of the 3 varieties of olives used in this olive oil are harvested in the morning and crushed in the afternoon to extract the highest quality of oil and the maximum level of freshness and antioxidant compounds. Olives are typically harvested in Tuscany between the 15th of October and the 20th of November. Green or half-colored olives tend to have the best combination of aroma and color.

While ripe olive tend to produce a higher yield of oil, its aroma and quality tends to suffer when compared to “younger” olives that have not matured on the tree. In general, 100 kilos of olives, produces 12 kilos of olive oil.

The olives are crushed at a temperature below 27ºC (81ºF), a process which lasts about 40 minutes. The oils used for Gourmet Living's blend are cold-extracted in a very modern olive oil mill. For frequently asked questions about olive oil visit the Gourmet Living website.

Tuscan olives are usually small and production per tree is quite low when compared to the south of Italy and Spain. Typically, olive oil production is about one liter per tree per year. This is why the flavor is very concentrated and intense and the oil is so pleasant.

The production of Gourmet Living’s blend is from the southern area of Florence, near where Chianti Classico is produced. This area is covered olive trees on gentle hill slopes and harvested in a way that incorporates the best of old and new production techniques.

During this special promotion, you may purchase Gourmet Living's Tuscan extra virgin olive oil for 50% off of its normal retail price of $32.50. Simply enter Promotion Code 8ZJ23NIN at checkout. There is FREE Shipping for members of Amazon prime.

This special summer promotion ends on November 20th.
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