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WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio Gives Media Personality, Tricia Andreassen, Own Radio Show

Media Personality Tricia Andreassen

Tricia Andreassen Has New Radio Show On Going Solo Network

Media Personality and Author Tricia Andreassen

#1 Best Selling Author Tricia Andreassen

#1 Best Selling Author and Speaker Tricia Andreassen added as Radio Show Contributor and Host for WGSN-DB Going Solo Network beginning on November 29th 2016


Author and Spiritual Growth Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Tricia Andreassen added as Radio Show Host for WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio Beginning on November 29th 2016

Phone: 704-968-6994

Author and Spiritual Growth Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Tricia Andreassen added as Radio Show Host for WGSN-DB Going Solo Network Radio added a new, hour-long travel show to its weekly lineup: "Unlock Your Inner Warrior Within With Tricia Andreassen". A mix of guest interviews and listener calls, "Unlock The Inner Warrior With Tricia" focuses on how to tap into the strength that we all have been born with. “Along the way, we have gotten caught up in the robotic responsibilities of life. When those responsibilities take center stage it is difficult to remember what our passions where once within us at a time. I have experienced in my coaching that it can get so muddled and buried down that folks have told me, “Tricia, I don’t even know what my strengths are anymore.”

The author of 3 Best Sellers on Business Marketing, Success and Resilience, Tricia’s personal mission is to take these teachings with a combined fusion of logical and spiritual connection through all forms of media including books, radio, online education, TV and even movies. After being interviewed by CeCe Shantz of WGSN she was offered her own show which will be syndicated to International channels.

"Radio provides the listener to be anywhere and create a space to reflect, take notes and learn specific strategies that will build their business and life. These strategies will spill over into all areas of their relationships: career, family, dreams the want to achieve parenting, faith and relationships," says Andreassen.

To hear the show, tune into every Tuesday of the week at 7pm EST. As a Speaker and Accelerated Growth Coach on blending life, business and the spiritual side that all lies within us, Tricia Andreassen has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses and people from all walks of life on how to unlock the inner warrior that lies within them. People from all walks of life have described her as ‘The Gap Closer and Strengths Maximizer.’ Andreassen comments,“I love that! When we take a deep dive into who we are we can unlock that strength within us that we were born with. Over time, responsibilities and the expectations of others can weigh us down causing us to lose the pieces of ourselves along the way. I have found that if we learn how to clear the muddle from the story we have told ourselves and the beliefs we have allowed to put upon ourselves that we can truly find a way back to ourselves. It is in that we will be able to rediscover the dreams that we once had and also be inspired to rise up to the leader we have been purposed to be.”

Andreassen started her company from the bonus room of her home with her toddler son on her hip and arm, taking it to International recognition as one of the top Branding, Web Development and Strategic Marketing companies for helping Real Estate professionals grow their business. She has grew it to a 7 figure business and sold in 2015 after her calling of delivering the interfusion of life, spirit and faith into one’s business or personal dream. “This is why I understand what women Entrepreneurs face when they are in the trenches of building their dream and balancing their life.” Andreassen shares.

She now owns Creative Life Publishing and Learning Institute dedicated to helping aspiring writers express their voice and share a message of hope and encouragement. The learning division is focused on providing educational resources to grow in multiple areas of life including: personal growth, parenting, dream building, business and marketing, faith and spiritual growth as well as curriculum for Youth. Her personal coaching practice varies on the individual on what they want to achieve whether it is business related or personal growth related.

Andreassen’s business book, Interfusion Marketing: Unlock The Secret Code To Dominate Your Market hit #1 in less than 5 hours of book launch and has continued to be offered internationally and on the best seller list for over 59 weeks spanning multiple categories. She was also a Best Selling Co-Author in the book Success Chronicles on what the real meaning of success is and how to look at it from a 360 degree view.The book can be found at

Her newly released book hitting best seller status within hours of launch, Resilience In The Storm :Coming Back Stronger From The Storms In Your Life is focused on building your resilience with thought provoking sections to journal at the end of each chapter to help you grow and discover the strength that can be found from within. The book can be found at Join Tricia Andreassen on her radio show at every Tuesday at 7pm EST. To inquire about collaborating on a speaking event, her private coaching rates, retreats, workshops of developing something custom for your organization as well as inquiring about being booked on Tricia’s radio show please email

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